Practice Report 8.26

It’s just over a week until the kick off of the 2016 season. UTSA held a practice Friday morning. InsideRunnerSports provides you a practice report.



Mental Reps: There are just eight days until the 2016 season kicks off and UTSA has begun getting into game-week practice mode. Friday’s practice ended a little early. The setting is what typically happens the Friday before a normal game day. More of a walk-through session, players did not workout in pads and there were a lot of “mental reps.” Head Coach Frank Wilson on the importance of mental reps: “They’re critical. Every rep counts. That’s what we want to instill in our guys, to be prepared to play the game both mentally and physically.”

Coming Together: Safety Nate Gaines said Friday he felt like the team is ready to kickoff the season because of the preparation that has gone on during these fall practices. Gaines: “The team has really come together. These practices, it’s really all about the mental reps now. We’ve put everything in, we’ve installed everything we’ve needed to. For now, we just need to cleanup minor things.”

All Eyes on Alabama State: UTSA will hold a closed scrimmage Saturday morning in which the team will simulate a game vs Alabama State. On Sunday, the team will meet and go over scouting reports. Wilson on prepping for Alabama State: “We’ve put in a little bit of Alabama State as we’ve gone along. We’ll turn our attention full-fledge to them on Sunday, and they’ll get our undivided attention.”

Respect For Hornets: Coach Wilson had high praise for the Alabama State Hornets Friday. He says he’s expecting a challenge: “They’re a quality ball team. It’ll require us to play our very best. They’re good at the skill positions. And they’re well coached. We anticipate them to be well prepared, to be well coached, and to put up a hell of a game.”

The QB Question: Head Coach Frank Wilson got the jump on reporters Friday by asking the first question of the session; “You want to get the first one (question) out of the way? Who’s the starting quarterback?” Wilson went on to say he’s not prepared to announce the starting quarterback. Last week he hinted that the decision could go all the way up until kick off on Sept 3.

Scripting: According to Coach Wilson, he and offensive coordinator Frank Scelfo will script the beginning of the next week’s game vs Alabama State. Wilson on the game plan: “If you can stay on schedule, you abide by them (scripted plays). That’s not always the case but certainly we will have a game plan and a script that dictates the things based on study that we think will give us the most opportune times to attack.”

Wilson With A Youth Personality: WR JaBryce Taylor told media that Frank Wilson’s “youthfulness” has won over a lot of the players. While the energy that Wilson brings to the table is something that helps motivate the team, Taylor joked that he has to reel in coach sometimes: “When he gets out here and does drills with us, we have to remind him to be cautious. Don’t go back in the yearbook coach. But we’re glad he’s out here doing what he can do.”

Memories And Bowl Games: Taylor didn’t hesitant when he was asked Friday about what lies ahead for himself and the team. “This is our last promised season of football,” the senior said. “We’ve got to take this game, this season, one game at a time. We’ve got to go out and execute and have fun. Basically, this year is making memories and making bowl games.”

Fan Motivation: Taylor says he sees and hears the positive message fans send him, and that those messages help motivate him: “I see all of these people mentioning me on twitter about plays that I made last year. I just keep reminding myself you can’t live in the past. You can only build what you did last year. It motivates me, a lot.”

Come and Take It: UTSA recently unveiled a new tradition in which fans in the stands will fly a “Come and Take It” flag when the game heads to the fourth quarter. Thursday night, the athletic department announced the student-side of the tradition, a large over-sized flag that the student section will display. Coach Wilson on the new tradition: “We like it. It continues to build on the kind of things we’re trying to establish. We’re just building our brand as positive as we can.”

Excitement Rising: There’s a swarm of energy surrounding UTSA football as the season is rapidly approaching. Safety Nate Gaines said he and the other players feel it: “There’s talk about UTSA football all over campus. We hear it every day. We’re just as excited as the fans are.”

Fan Appreciation: UTSA Football will hold a fan appreciation celebration event on Saturday at the Convocation Center at UTSA’s main campus. The event starts at 2pm.

Frank Wilson Radio Show: The Frank Wilson Radio Show is set to begin next week. The show will broadcast on Ticket 760 beginning on Wednesday, August 31. Andy Everett will be the host. The show will broadcast live from the Lion and Rose in La Cantera in Northwest San Antonio.

Short videos from practice:

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