Keys To Victory vs Alabama State

UTSA takes on Alabama State in the season-opening game on Saturday. InsideRunnerSports provides you Keys to Victory. Presented by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel in Houston, TX.

Presented by Pat Clynes and The Fritz Kennel in Houston, TX. 

InsideRunnerSports' keys to a UTSA victory over Alabama State:

UTSA will open the season for the first time at home since 2011. Fueled by an all-day tailgate, expect the crowd at the Alamodome to be a raucous one. Momentum and energy will be on UTSA’s side from the moment the team runs onto the field. The Roadrunners need to ride that wave energy by getting things going early. Any type of early score or defensive stand will help whip the crowd into more of a frenzy, which will only further benefit UTSA.

Football games turn on mistakes. Critical third downs, turnovers, big plays, etc. What’s plagued UTSA in recent years have been those back-breaking type of plays. Like when an interception is thrown, it’s not only been a turnover but often times we’ve seen them go back for touchdowns. Or when there’s a penalty that kills a redzone drive and forces a field goal. These game-changing negative plays are the type UTSA must limit in order to be successful.

A lot has been said about UTSA’s quarterback position. But an equal or greater amount of attention should be paid to the Roadrunners’ o-line and running game. Back Jarveon Williams is coming off a stellar season in which he became the program’s first 1,000 yard rusher. UTSA should use a steady dose of Williams, and his backup Jalen Rhodes, to set the tone and pace of the game. 

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