Post-Game Player Interviews

QB Dalton Sturm, DE Marcus Davenport, and WR Kerry Thomas talk about UTSA's 26-13 win over Alabama State.

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Dalton Sturm Marcus Davenport Kerry Thomas

Q. Dalton, can you just talk about your night to night? Looked like you got on a roll, especially in the first half, hitting some passes. It looked like you got into a good rhythm tonight?
DALTON STURM: It was good. This is a team, the O-line was out there; they were doing a heck of a job for me protecting. Made it easy for me to drop back and feel comfortable there. The receivers were doing a great job getting open. It's pretty easy when the receivers are wide open to hit them.

Q. Take me through your day when you found out from Coach Wilson, what were your thoughts when you went to bed last night, did you think you had won the job? I think you were 14th or 15th to drop -- can you have imagined a much better way to start the season like you did?
DALTON STURM: Definitely there's always work to be done. Last night, I mean, we found out this morning but the preparation was the same. I liked the way he did it because it made us compete the entirety of fall camp. They didn't want either of us to let up. We kept pushing each other, me and Jared, I give him props; he deserves it. He played great today, too.

But like I said, it's just been a process, a great competing process, just competing against ourselves. Not even competing against Jared; just competing within yourself. Try to get better at practice every single day.

And yeah, there's always things I'll get better on. First half doesn't really mean anything, we have to play a full four quarters. We had four turnovers today, one of those on me. But definitely going to go back tomorrow and we're going to learn from those and just get better.

Q. What did you have for breakfast -- how difficult was it?
DALTON STURM: Like I said, it was -- we had been preparing and it wasn't about who was going to go and who wasn't. Me and Jared, we're going to have each other's backs, whether he's going or whether I'm going. It's been a great process and we respect one another and we have done so much for one another as a quarterback just competing.

Q. What did you have for breakfast?
DALTON STURM: What did I have? I had some eggs, some bacon, just the normal stuff, some grits.

It wasn't too bad. I think it was last season, our first game -- maybe a little different, but I felt a lot more comfortable coming in today. Just tried to treat it like a practice.

Q. Marcus, what did you see from Alabama State earlier in the game being able to rush the ball on you guys a little?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: You saw them reading the end, the four-tech more than the Sam, or the outside backer, and we had to adjust to that. That's what was giving us mainly big problems early.

Q. How easy is it to feed off of Coach's energy? As we saw, he has a lot of energy. Just kind of talk about how easy it is to feed off his energy. He always seems like he's ready to go.
KERRY THOMAS: I think for us he's great. He brings a fire to this team, and that's something that we have been looking for, and I think the guys react to it pretty well. He's hands on with everything that we do, whether it's -- any position, whether it's quarterbacks, running backs, special teams. Like he has his hands on everything and that's what we need and that's what we need and what we look for.

Q. Marcus, how do you think the team did overall today? Are you happy with the way you all played?
MARCUS DAVENPORT: I'm happy but not satisfied because I know we're going to do better. We have to keep on preparing. We're only going to be better from now on. It's all progress from here.

Q. The fourth quarter, what was going through your head?
KERRY THOMAS: It was kind of like -- to me, the game, practice, everything that we worked on in practice and it was just about executing in the game, Dalton threw a great pass and I just made a great play, tried to make a great play on the ball in there, and that's how it worked out.

Q. It seemed like you guys made a decision to go more vertical in the second half on that drive, you went like three or four deep in a row. Was that something you thought at the half that you could go out and get after them maybe deep?
KERRY THOMAS: I think it's all about taking shots and keeping the defense on their heels. We don't want to be a team that they are able to know what we're doing or call our plays or anything like that. It's about keeping the defense on their heels and I think we did a great job with that.

Q. Do you think you did enough today to be the starter next week?
DALTON STURM: Don't really know. Haven't really thought about it. Just kind of really happy about how the team performed today. Just going to come in tomorrow and keep working.

Just keep competing. It's a process through the entire thing. Not going to have an input on it. We're going to trust in the coaches and we are going to play it out. Jared and I have respect for each other 100 percent. Just however it works out, we'll play like that.

Q. I wanted to ask about next week. Had a tough time last time with Colorado. Did you all watch any of that game and how do you feel about going up there on the road in week two?
KERRY THOMAS: Kind of watched a little bit in our hotel. Didn't really get a chance to watch everything. But this is a team that we played last year, so we'll have to get in the film and really like see what type of things that they do and make adjustments off of that.

But we're not focused on them right now. We're just trying to enjoy the win right now and we'll look at them tomorrow.

Q. Dalton, can you talk a little bit about your touchdown run? It was a roll-out. You went in untouched?
DALTON STURM: From the jump, I went to my -- I tried to go to my progression, stepped in the pocket. I actually missed the guy, if I could have done the basics right there that we had to do or whatever, but I kind of missed him. And when I stepped up, I saw JaBryce right there who was on the under -- turn around, start blocking for me, and I hit edge. Greg made a really nice block down the sideline that allowed me to get to the sideline. Just tried to make plays.

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