Media Round Table 9.5.16

UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson met with media to discuss the 26-13 win over Alabama State and preview the upcoming game vs Colorado State.

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Highlights from UTSA’s Media Round Table 9.5.16


After a career-effort from Dalton Sturm vs Alabama State, Head Coach Frank Wilson did not hesitate to name the Goliad-native as the starting QB for the Colorado State game.

“Dalton will be the starter for this game,” said Wilson.

Sturm completed 20 of 25 passes in the season opener amassing 247 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

When asked is Jared Johnson would also play, Wilson responded with: “there’s a high possibility.”

However, it doesn’t sound like UTSA will move to a true two-quarterback system moving forward.

“I wouldn't rule it out,” Wilson said of a two-qb system. “But I don't it's a staple or that we're identifying ourselves as that's what we're going to do. If it gives us an advantage, if it allows us to win a game, we'll do it in a heartbeat without hesitation. I think across the country, that's what you see. Teams take advantage of the skill sets that each individual possesses."



Starting RB Jarveon Williams suffered an ankle sprain in the first half of the Alabama State game. He did not play in the second half.

“There’s a little swelling there,” Wilson said of Williams’ ankle Monday morning. “He got rehab twice yesterday. He was in there again early this morning and will be back two more times this morning. It’s confirmed it’s nothing more than a sprain. So there’s nothing long-term, for sure. We’ll just kind of take it day by day.”

Williams is a large part of UTSA’s offense. In 2015, he became the school’s first-ever 1,000 yard rusher.


After a lackluster first half, UTSA’s defense shorted up. It was an effort that Head Coach Frank Wilson noted and praised Monday.

“I thought our defense played well,” said Wilson. “I would like it so stay consistent. You look at the second half, ninety-something total yards and 33 of them came on the last pass. You take that out of the game and now we’re playing UTSA football.”

At one point in the second half, UTSA’s defense held Alabama State to nine straight scoreless possessions.


Trevor Stevens and Shaq Williams combined to catch six passes for 110 yards vs Alabama State. The effort was noticeable.

"I thought our tight ends played well,” said Wilson. “We asked our group of tight ends to step up. They didn't have to do it by themselves. Collectively, as a group, when your opportunity is called, just do your job, do your role. I thought they did that extremely well.”

In addition to pass-catching, Wilson says the tight ends were depending with their blocking too. 

“I thought they blocked well inline, attached. I thought they blocked in space, detached. I thought they caught the ball well. We'll continue to use them as we go forward throughout the duration of the season."


Video: UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson

On what Sunday's film session showed him about Saturday's game …
“A lot of what we thought. We had opportunities to do some good things, and at times we took advantage of it. Then, other times we kind of self-destructed. You can't turn over the ball the way we did in that game. That's a recipe for disaster and we'll correct that. We had some mental busts, what you'd expect in the first game of the season, but nothing that's not fixable. The good thing is we weren't overpowered. We weren't overmatched. We didn't have guys who did not play with great effort, but we did have some mental mistakes that we corrected in film session and then again in practice last night." 

On Colorado State …
"Don't be deceived (by the Colorado score). They're a really good football team. Mike Bobo's an excellent football coach. I've known him for years. He spent 14 years in the SEC as an offensive coordinator and has been very productive for a long time. The ability to run the ball will probably be their strength, as they return four starters on their offensive line, five including the tight end, as well as their leading rusher; a quarterback that's extremely accurate and can pinpoint the ball. That's his greatest strength, his accuracy. Even in defeat, they rushed for 160-something yards against Colorado, so I think they will want to make their presence felt from a run game standpoint and get their passing game on track, as well. From a defensive standpoint, you're talking about a group that was ninth in the country in pass defense a year ago. They return both linebackers, their leading tackler, as well as their sack leader. They have some new faces up front that we anticipate being good football players for them, being steady for them. In the back end, they have a veteran corner, a veteran safety that return and several transfers that came in, so we certainly have our work cut out against them. We know they'll be well-prepared and eager to redeem themselves and play well at home against us." 

On how Jalen Rhodes played after Jarveon Williams went out at the tailback position …
"I thought he ran the ball hard. I thought he ran well. He made the right reads, the right cuts. At the back end of the game we didn't know the severity of Jarveon's situation, so we wanted to get Corbin White into the game to give us some depth if we had to go into the season with more than one tailback excluding Jarveon. The good thing is we think he'll be back. I thought Jalen played well. I thought Corbin came in and gave us added depth that we need at the position, as well." 

On the play of linebacker Josiah Tauaefa …
"It was interesting because even in the spring, we thought he was outstanding. He was our defensive MVP during spring football. I can't say it was a surprise. He has an instinct about himself. He has a motor about himself that allows him to always be around the ball. The big part was getting his mental capacity caught up with his athletic ability. He's been a student of the game and now that allows him to play fast and be in position to make those plays. We're very pleased with his production."

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