Frank Wilson Post-Game 10.22.16

UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson talks about the Roadrunners 52-49 loss to UTEP in five overtimes.

Interview with UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson

Transcript (provided by UTSA)

Q. Coach, obviously it was a hard-fought ballgame, but the disappointment you guys are feeling right now.
It's a tough one, it hurts. We went somewhere where we had not gone before, going four and five overtimes. Having an opportunity. The reality was we had opportunities within regulation. We had opportunities in the second, third and fourth overtime, and we didn't finish. We didn't do the things we needed to. The glaring thing was you had a team that was determined. We played a team that was very determined, who was winless in conference play. There was an expectation of that, that they would play with that type of effort. We tried to match it. For the most part we did. But unfortunately it was not enough, so...

Q. Frank, in that fourth overtime, was there any thought given to maybe kicking a field goal?
We wound up at the same place anyway at the 25. Really didn't matter whether it was first or third. I wanted to give our team every opportunity to win the football game. So we gave an offensive shot to do it, then we gave our special teams the opportunity to do so, as well. I think you got to maximize your opportunities down there, so we wanted to score touchdowns. When we did not, on fourth down we put ourselves at the same starting position to kick a field goal. Unfortunately we did not connect.

Q. Can you talk about their running game. They got it going early. Seemed like they were difficult to stop.
COACH WILSON: Yeah, I thought we did a good job for the most part in between the tackles. They start running a little speed, wide play with 26. They were able to successfully get several big runs off of it. I thought in overtime we finally made an adjustment to it and were able to stop them. But they were well-prepared, well-coached, and they played extremely hard. They had a great game plan. I thought we countered it often. But then sometimes we had guys in position where we did not make the play. We'll go back to the film room and look at those things and rectify it and do a better job as a coaching staff to put our kids in position to be most successful.

Q. Talk about the mood in the locker room. Longest game in conference history. You don't play five overtime games every week.
It was a heavyweight fight and it went the distance. As I said, our kids fought till the very end. There was no giving up, there was no quit in them. I'm proud of them for their effort. There's a lesson, silver lining in it. We'll be better because of going through it. I know it doesn't seem so right now, but we'll learn from it and we'll grow and we'll be better prepared the next time we're in the situation where we're in multiple overtimes to be able to finish off.

Q. How do you move forward past this loss?
COACH WILSON: Got to put it behind us. We come in tomorrow, watch the film, speak the truth of the film. Then we get prepared for a much-improved and a very good North Texas football team who has put together several wins as of lately. I'm not sure if they won today or not. They did. So they'll be on a high. They're playing extremely well with their new coach. We'll have to turn our attention to them as soon as possible to prepare for that game.

Q. When you talked to the guys in the locker room, what was the reaction? How do you get them back from this difficult loss?
We deal with it. We own it. We watch it. We rectify it. We go through corrections and we build on it. The thing I told them, You have nothing to hold your head down about, you fought hard. Unfortunately today we finished second. We'll learn from it. We'll grow from it and we'll be better as we continue to go on. No one's going to feel sorry for you. No one's going to feel sorry for you. North Texas is going to come in here and try to do the same thing. We have to get our boys ready to play for the next game, because it's the most important one.

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