Post Game Players Interviews 10.22.16

UTSA QB Dalton Sturm and Safety Nate Gaines talks with media following UTSA’s five overtime loss to UTEP.

Interview with Dalton Sturm and Nate Gaines

Transcript (provided by UTSA)
Q. Could you talk about this football game. Obviously a crazy football game. You're disappointed about it. Talk about the experience of playing in a game like this tonight.
DALTON STURM: Yeah, it's going to be a good experience, a lot of lessons we can take from this. At the end of the day we got to find a way to win. We had plenty of opportunities offensively to shut them out. We were up 28-14 at one point. We had a chance going in before regulation was over, we were driving on them. Just a couple missed opportunities that would have got us in field goal range. Bad throws, stuff like that. It wasn't clicking all the time. We had great drives at some points, then at some points we just started to sputter. We have to be able to complete drives, especially on the field goals. Of course you want touchdowns, but we have to give our kickers a chance.

Q. Nate, what was it like playing in a five overtime game? Describe the emotions going back and forth like that.
NATE GAINES: You know, it really just seems like you're on the edge of a cliff. When it really comes down to it, defense, we have to (indiscernible) down, play every snap like it's our last one. Collectively as a defense, we had too many blown assignments, too many missed opportunities. We could have capitalized on their mistakes and didn't. Offense played phenomenal. Never should have gotten to five overtimes.

Q. Was fatigue a factor as you went into the fourth and fifth overtimes?
NATE GAINES: Fatigue will always come as you come into overtime. We're tired, but they're tired as well. At the end of the day, it's whoever wants the game more. Tonight it was UTEP.

Q. Dalton, at the end of the fourth quarter when you found Brady, he mishandled it, do you think he could have scored on that play?
DALTON STURM: It's hard to tell. Stuff like that is going to happen. I know he regrets it. There's a lot of throws I wish I could have had back, as well. We had other opportunities. We shouldn't have let it get that close.

Q. Nate, what happened to the defense early in the second half?
NATE GAINES: Like I said, just comes down to our missed assignments. They're doing a lot of shifts, a lot of motions to get us splintered. They're doing a great job of scheming us up. At the end of the day it comes down to eye discipline, primary key, secondary key, playing one play at a time.

Q. Coach Wilson said you got to put this behind you, put your big boy pants on and get ready for North Texas. Is this going to be tough to get over a loss like this?
DALTON STURM: A loss like this is always going to be tough, a tough one to swallow. We'll get past it. Tell the truth tomorrow, watch the film, learn from the mistakes we made. We got to get ready for North Texas. We got five or six more games to play. We definitely got to put this one behind us and just get ready for the next one.

NATE GAINES: We've overcome adversity before. We can do it again. It's hard to swallow. A tough loss to a team that was very beatable. They're a phenomenal football team. At the same time we had the game plan set. We were put in the right position to do everything right to win this game. So going into next week, tomorrow we're going to go make our adjustments, make our corrections, watch the film. We're going to put it behind us and beat UNT.



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