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Local QB says he’s committed to UTSA “no matter what”

Coming off a season that was cut short due to injury, Clemens QB Frank Harris says he’s eager to sign with UTSA on signing day. Here is our Q&A with the 3-star QB.

By JJ Perez

After a banner 2015 season that saw 3-star QB Frank Harris rack up the stats, the local signal-caller suffered a knee injury that cut his senior season short. Despite the injury, UTSA honored their offer and Harris stuck with his commitment.

With signing day just around the corner, Harris about his recent official visit, his overall commitment to UTSA, and bouncing back from injury.

Here is our question and answer session with QB Frank Harris:
What are you feelings as National Signing Day approaches?
“I can’t wait to sign and become a Roadrunner officially. It’s exciting and I can’t wait for the day to come.”

You took an official visit on Jan 13, what was that like?
“It was great hanging out with some of the recruits and commits and some of the players that are there. It was just great all around.”

What’s been the biggest thing about UTSA that makes you feel like you’re making the right decision?
“The coaching staff. I think they know what they’re talking about. They changed the program around already in one year. Everything about it has been great. It’s all uphill from here.”

Do you get a family atmosphere vibe from UTSA?
“Yes sir, it feels like everyone is family and we all are just coming together, no matter who we are.”

You suffered a season-ending knee injury, what was it like going through that?
“Well certainly it didn’t end the way I wanted it to end. But God does everything for a reason. I think that there’s something in store for me even though I tore my ACL. I’m rehabbing right now and I’m going to come back bigger and faster and stronger than ever. He does everything for a reason so I can’t get mad about it.”

How are you feeling now?
“I feel a lot better. I’m running now. I should be ready for UTSA’s season.”

When do you plan to enroll at UTSA?
“I’ll be there the third week of June.”

Do you expect to be cleared for workouts by then?
“I should be cleared by May. But we’re going to take baby steps and try not to rush into. But we’ll see as the time get gets closer.”

What did it mean to you when UTSA upheld their offer when you got injured?
“I just felt like they really believed in me and still think I can come back and become a better player than I was before I got hurt.”

How do you think you fit into OC Frank Scelfo’s offense?
“Coach Scelfo came from the NFL. I’m not going to say anything to him because he knows what he is doing, obviously. He’s done it at the big stage. I just need to come in and do what he tells me to do and we’ll just go from there.”

Have any other schools come in on you late in this recruiting cycle?
“Yes, there have been a few but I’m not going to name who they are. I’m staying committed to UTSA no matter what.”



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