Louisiana LB Donovan Perkins is happy with his UTSA commitment following an official visit

Zachary LB Donovan Perkins said any reservations he had about committing to UTSA are now gone after his official visit this past weekend.

By JJ Perez
For InsideRunnerSports.com

Long-time UTSA commit Donovan Perkins admits he didn’t know much about UTSA when they first began recruiting him.

“When they first called me, I didn’t know anything about UTSA,” said Perkins. “I had never even heard of them. I did some research and discovered they had a few bad seasons.”

But after an unofficial visit in the offseason, Perkins said he had a good feeling about the Roadrunners.

“I went on an unofficial visit and talked to Coach Frank (Wilson) and I really got a vibe that things were changing in the right direction. This was before the season,” said Perkins. “Looking at it now, Coach Frank said he did exactly what he said he was going to do.”


This past weekend, the linebacker from Louisiana took his official visit to UTSA. He says this visit reinforced his commitment to the Roadrunners’ 2017 recruiting class.

“It went very well. I really enjoyed my visit,” said Perkins. “It set me even stronger committed to UTSA.”

Perkins says he enjoyed touring the Alamodome as well as UTSA’s campus.

“I’d say the campus is comparable to LSU in size. I’ve been there a lot,” said Perkins. “We walked around the Alamodome, looked at the locker room, looked at the gear. UTSA has just as nice of gear as a top five school in the country. I’m definitely excited to get there.”

Any initial reservations Perkins had about committing to UTSA are now gone.

“I was kind of nervous about my decision at first,” said Perkins. “But after this official visit, it’s clear that UTSA is where I need to be.”

One of major reasons Perkins says he feels comfortable with UTSA is because of Head Coach Frank Wilson.

“A big thing that Coach Frank said to me is that it’s not so much on the field. It’s about off the field. He said he’s trying to prepare me for the next 40 years of my life, not the next four. So that stood out with me and my family.”

The fact that Wilson hails from Louisiana and that many people from Zachary know of him was a plus too.

“Coach Frank is down here from where I am. He’s a great recruiter. He’s recruited a lot of my friends,” said Perkins. “Everyone that I spoke with about him has said nothing but good things to say. I know he can recruit and I see all this talent going to UTSA. I believe in what’s going on there.”

At 6’0” and 225lbs, Perkins is little undersized. But what he lacks in stature, he makes up for it with his quickness.

“I played running back coming up,” said Perkins. “So I rely a lot on my speed. I’m a side-to-side player. I make plays on both sides of the field. And my strong suit is blitzing and getting to the quarterback. Linemen can’t keep up with my speed and I’m good with hand-fighting.”

Perkins says the UTSA coaching staff likes him at the Will Outside Linebacker position.

“I’ll probably be next to Josiah (Tauaefa),” said Perkins. “He’s more of a bigger guy. I’m a little smaller and a little faster. I think him and I are going to be a great duo. He can stuff up the middle and I’m more of a side-to-side type of player.”

Perkins says he plans to sign his letter of intent with UTSA next Wednesday. He says Purdue, Kansas State and a few other schools have contacted but: “I’m not really giving anybody else much attention.”



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