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Shiner Athlete Dadrian says he’s ready to sign with UTSA

Playmaking Athlete Dadrian Taylor says he’s ready to sign with UTSA next Wednesday.

By JJ Perez

Just southeast of San Antonio lies the small town of Shiner, TX. That is where Dadrian Taylor calls home. It’s not everyday that athletes from that area make it to a division one university. But that’s exactly what will happen when Taylor signs his letter of intent to play football at UTSA next Wednesday.

“There are a lot of things you have to do to prepare for playing college football,” said Taylor. “I’m ready to get it done. I’m ready to get there already.”

South Texas is a historically under-recruited area. But for a school like UTSA, and a player like Taylor, it was mutually beneficial for the two parties to come together.

“My goal was to goal go to college, play football, and not have my mom worry about paying for college,” said Taylor. “That was my biggest goal. With UTSA, it’s win-win because I get to stay close to home and I get a free education.”

While Taylor gets to stay close to home, UTSA lands a versatile and dynamic athlete.

“I’m really happy with my decision,” said Taylor. “I feel like I made the best choice for me and my family. I feel like everyone loves the decision I made.”

UTSA was the first to notice and offer Taylor. That has been something that has stuck with him throughout the recruiting process.

“I always knew about them,” said Taylor. “UTSA was my first so by far they’ve been in the lead. After that, there’s always something about them. I just loved everything about them. I got so see more of the campus and went to a camp and I saw everything I needed to see.”

A commit since the summer, Taylor was among a group of players who took an official visit on January 13. He says the coaches and staff presented themselves and UTSA very well.

“I liked the players, I liked the coaches,” Taylor said of his official visit. “The whole coaching staff seemed easy to work with. They want what’s best for you. They care about their players as much as they care about themselves. That was big.”

At 6’1” and 163lbs, Taylor is as dynamic of athlete an athlete as you will see. With superb speed sub 4.5-40 speed, Taylor’s playmaking potential is off the chart. A RB in high school, UTSA’s coaching staff wants to use him in the slot receiver position.

“I just love having the ball in my hands,” said Taylor. “I know how to make something happen when the ball gets in my hands.”

Taylor says he believes he can come in and compete for immediate playing time.

“The coaches told me if I come in healthy and if I’m in shape, I’ll have a chance to play,” said Taylor. “Those are my intentions.”

Coordinator Frank Scelfo turned around the Roadrunners offensive attack in 2016. Taylor says he’s a fan of what UTSA does offensively.

“I love the offense they run,” said Taylor. “It’s multi-dimensional. You can do anything out of it. It’s just a dangerous offense that’s hard stop.”

As athletic as Taylor is, some of his bigger traits may be off the field. Taylor says he considers himself an overall leader.

“I feel like I’m one of those special guys,” said Taylor. “I’m a leader and I’m always a positive guy. I like keeping everyone up.”

Taylor says he’s strongly committed to UTSA despite other schools like Houston trying to gauge his interest. He says he plans to sign his letter of intent to UTSA next Wednesday at a signing ceremony before school.



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