3-Star TE Chance McLeod talks about signing with UTSA

Victoria East Tight End Chance McLeod talks with InsideRunnerSports about signing his letter of intent with UTSA next week.

By JJ Perez
For InsideRunnerSports.com

There usually isn’t much attention paid to the small South Texas town of Victoria, especially in the realms of division one football recruiting. So when Victoria East Tight End Chance McLeod signs his letter of intent with UTSA next Wednesday, it will be significant moment for him, his family, and the geographic area he represents. 

McLeod talks with InsideRunnerSports about his small-town roots, his recruitment, his recent official visit, and more.


Q&A with Victoria East TE Chance McLeod:

What are your feelings leading up to signing day?
“I’m excited. I’ve been thinking about it at night and throughout the day. It’s just an exciting feeling to know how close it is. The recruiting process is almost at a close. It’s just a crazy feeling.”

How did your relationship start with UTSA?
“Coach Brumfield reached out to me. I went to Junior Day and they offered me a scholarship. Ever since then we’ve been in contact. I’ve been to a few games and a few visits. It’s been a wild ride.”

How was your official visit?
“It was awesome. It was a great experience. They had a great presentation for us. I had a lot of fun with a bunch of other recruits. It was just a great experience.”

Do you get the ‘family’ from UTSA’s coaching staff?
“Yes sir, absolutely. That’s really the big reason I’m verbally committed there. They’re just great people and I could see that in the recruiting process. They really put a lot into me. They like me as a person, not just as a football player.”

Describe yourself as a football player.
“I’m a smart player. I can play different positions in the field. I’ll just try to do whatever to help the team win whether it’s playing whatever position or scheme the coach has.”

What do you think about UTSA’s offense?
“It’s very similar to the offense we run at Victoria East. That’s also a reason I committed there. It’s so similar. That makes it that much easier.”

How does it feel going D1 from a small town like Victoria?
“It’s a special feeling to come from Victoria and play division one football. It doesn’t happen very often here. It’s a great feeling.”

What role did your parents and family play in the recruiting process?
“They influenced greatly. They’re very supportive. It’s just a great thing to have them

Are any other schools recruiting you?
“Not right now. A few weeks ago, a few were but not right now. I’ve told some schools no.”

Are you 100% committed to UTSA?

When will you arrive at UTSA?
“Over the summer I’ll enroll."



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