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UTSA WR Brady Jones talks spring practices

WR Brady Jones has emerged as a key contributor in UTSA’s offense. The South Texas-native talks about ongoing spring practices.

By JJ Perez
For InsideRunnerSports.com

Q&A with UTSA WR Brady Jones

How are spring practices going?
“It’s good to be back in spring. We had the whole fourth quarter (offseason workouts). Now we can come out and fly around, today we got to hit a little bit. It’s just really exciting to be with your buddies and playing football again.”

How does the team look in scrimmage settings?
“We looked good. We’ve got a lot of young guys in there getting reps. Coach Wilson always talks about building the depth of our team. I think that’s one thing we’re being able to do. We’re seeing a lot of younger guys getting in there and getting to make plays.”

How does QB Dalton Sturm look?
Dalton, he looks good. I feel like he came back and just started right back where he left off, which is a good thing for the quarterback position. He did a lot of work with wide receivers on his own. We are right on the same page, right where we left off.”

How long have you known Dalton Sturm?
“I started playing him maybe my sophomore year of high school, which was his freshman. My junior year when he was a sophomore, we played him. That’s when he started getting real good. Our head coach made sure we knew who he was. I’ve known him for five, six years. Our families knew each other, the connection goes back a ways.”

Has Dalton gotten better?
“Knowing Dalton personally, he’s just a competitor. He’s going to do everything he can to help the team win. The thing I’ve seen from him in this spring is that he comes out and commands the offense. If a receiver doesn’t make a catch, he gets on them. He’s more confident, he definitely knows what’s going on more. Now I feel like he can go more to the role of being the leader and maybe coaching up somebody else because he knows what to do. That’s really where I’ve seen the most strides, in his confidence. I think that makes him play even better.”

Do you think the team is confident?
“I think there’s definitely some confidence because there is so many guys coming back. I know there are a lot of unsatisfied people. Whenever you go to a game like that, whether it was the first bowl game or not, we weren’t happy with not winning. That’s something that Coach Wilson has really instilled in us. Just because you may have been the first to do something, you haven’t arrived at all, you still have a lot of work to do. Getting to a bowl game is not enough. You’ve got to go finish it. They always talk about finishing and the fourth quarter. Being in the fourth quarter of a season and a bowl game, we just have to find a way to pull something like that out. I think having that experience is really going to help. There are a lot of older guys who are ready to take the next step.”

What do you remember about the 5-overtime game vs UTEP?
“That was definitely one I’ll never forget. I’ll definitely have a lot of stories. Dropping that ball down there at the end, it was really tough. For me to be able to recover from it, I’ve got to give all of the credit to the coaches and the other wide receivers and players. I don’t know that anyone on the sidelines didn’t come up to me and pat me on the head and say “don’t worry about it, you’re going to get it back.” For them to have the confidence in me, that’s what really boosted me. I was down on myself, I can’t lie. I knew the situation. I knew what we needed to do. I was really down on myself. I’ve got to give the credit to the players and coaches. To give me the chance, to throw it to me again and make a play and get to catch a touchdown like that, it really meant a lot that they trusted me. After that touchdown, Coach Scelfo came up to me and told me that’s what adversity does. He really pulled me off to the side and told me it showed a lot about my character. It meant a lot to me that he would still come back to me.”

What do you see your role as on the team?
“My goal is to be anything I can be to help the team at all. If it’s to block, if it’s to go in during a certain play, for me to go catch it for five yards, or any role they’re looking to put me in, I’m willing to do. I look up to the guys like the Edelman’s and Beasley’s, you see that they go in and do what they can and coaches put them in in certain situations. I just want to help the team as much as I can. If coach tells me I can help the team by being a water boy then I’m going to be the best water boy out there. That’s all I can do.”



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