Cam's Commentary: Bobcat athletics busy

It takes a lot to run a sports franchise. The San Antonio Spurs have hundreds of employees, I'm sure the Dallas Cowboys have hundreds more. So what does it take to run an athletic program with multiple teams? A lot of hard work and a lot of slow progress.

Texas State released an external report from Bobcat Athletics Monday and there were a lot of interesting things to note.

First, the Bobcats joining the Sun Belt, which the casual fan with his head in the sand may have forgot was happening. Most think the Sun Belt is a joke, the laughing stock of conferences, but I tend to disagree - the Sun Belt isn't so bad.

The write up is quick to point out that last year, the Sun Belt was 7-2 against Conference-USA and had 19 non-conference wins, most in league history. They finished ahead of the Mountain West and C-USA in the BCS computer poll as well - for whatever that's worth. (bring on the playoff!) The Sun Belt looks like it's hear to stay a while, unlike the WAC, so Bobcat fans might want to get settled into the idea that Troy might be our new rival someday. Plus, what has the MAC done lately? Nothing.

Brilliant move by athletics to bring all orientation students and their parents to Bobcat Stadium for a dinner, where they can tour the football field and more importantly, purchase season tickets. Nothing like fresh school spirit to fill the new stadium.

Back before the stadium began construction, students and fans tailgated right outside the stadium, on the opposite side of the press box. When tailgating was moved, all the way out near Strahan Coliseum and closer to the river, students in particular were not too happy and the amount of tailgaters plummeted. Texas State seems to have compromised on this, moving tailgating closer to the stadium in the Strahan lot, but still on the opposite side of the tracks. It's hard to argue that tailgating should be moved back where it was - traffic and walking distance is already a big hassle for most - but where they have moved it should be the long term location.

It didn't take long for Danny Kasper's identity to boost the Strahan Coliseum facility. A new court and new seats will be put into Strahan this summer but until the white wall that goes floor to ceiling is put out of its misery, Strahan will always be an eye sore inside.

Texas State is not going to start winning championships left and right over night. These smaller improvements are still just as important to the foundation that has already been built over the last few years.

Three things to think about

Build your own Bobcat dream

NCAA 14 was released today and for the first time Texas State's newest upgrades to the stadium and new uniforms are in the game. EA Sports didn't fail us though - the old gaudy Sun Belt logo is still in the game so thanks for that attention to detail as usual EA. Who does NCAA 14 think the Bobcats starting quarterback will be this year? Last year, Shaun Rutherford was a 76 and Tyler Arndt was a 65. Score one for EA. Tyler Arndt (QB #12), 72 OVR and Fred Nixon (QB #15), 70 OVR are the top two quarterbacks rated in NCAA 14. Jordan Moore's "likeness" isn't even listed. Shake my head, whatever EA, create-a-player it is.

Lipstick on a pig

If you haven't stumbled upon Kansas' new helmets they will be using in 2013 and you like looking at things so ugly that you can't look away, then take a look at these: The school replaced their ugly KU with their even uglier Jayhawk tap dancing his way to another sub-par season. The logo works in basketball but just doesn't look right in football. Get a chair and a lemonade for Charlie Weis - it's going to be another year of misery for Kansas - they certainly look the part.

Congratulations are in order

It was not long ago that Indiana Pacers forward, now retired Jeff Foster, was the most successful mainstream athlete to come out of Texas State. Arizona Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt and former Bobcat, made the All-Star Game this year making it the first time Texas State has been printed anywhere on a professional all-star game roster. Hats off to Goldschmidt.

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