Big boys are calling

Since moving up the college football latter, Texas State has had to compete with much more established and pedigreed competition in order to get top notch players. Now the Bobcats are faced with taking on some of the biggest.

Defensive end Demetrius Hill, from the tiny Fort Scott Junior College in Fort Scott, Kansas, isn't being forgotten on the recruiting landscape and the desire for his skills continues to increase.

Alongside offers from Texas State, Toledo, Northern Illinois, Memphis, Kansas, Indiana, Baylor, Cincinnati and Arkansas, Hill has been speaking with other SEC schools from Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Hill's 6'2", 245lb frame reeks havoc in opposing backfields, especially on the quarterback. For Hill, finding a defensive scheme that he fits well into simply doesn't exist as a problem.

"It doesn't matter what system I'm in," Hill said. "I'm going to give them my all and I love to get to the quarterback. I feel like it is mandatory for me to get there. If DB's can give me two or three seconds, that's all I ask. If they get me that, I'll get there."

Hill, like many other recruits, does not plan to rush to a decision and is likely to wait until after this season to decide where he will be playing in 2014. Hill said he enjoyed his time at Texas State when he visited officially but ranks the Bobcats only 8th on his list, but doesn't have a favorite out of the current group.

When asked what it's like to be getting offers and having conversations with SEC schools, Hill was humbled and is humbled every time his phone rings, no matter which school is on the other line.

"It's a blessing to be offered from SEC schools," Hill said. "I feel like getting an offer from Texas State is a blessing; a school from Texas coming all the way out here. I'm very humbled that I'm one of those athletes that has someone that is going to pay for my school. If it wasn't for football, I don't know how else I would be at school."

Hill is a three-star defensive end from the small town of Kankakee, Illinois, just south of Chicago.

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