Practice Report 8.10.13 w/Video

Texas State engaged in a practice consisting of mostly 11 on 11 action on Saturday morning. Here is your practice report.


It was hot, sunny, and muggy on Sunday morning as the Bobcats practiced in half shells. After spending the beginning of practice running position drills, the pace picked up significant as they ran 11 on 11.

In various forms of the offense, offensive coordinator Mike Schultz used the practice to see what players stood out in running a fast-paced version of the offense. Senior Tyler Arndt and redshirt freshmen Fred Nixon and Jordan Moore seem to be battling it out for the starting spot as all three of them appeared to split the reps.

The wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs all had nice practices as well as each of the groups made athletic and difficult catches at times.

The defensive line should also be mentioned in being able to put pressure and disturb some of the pass plays.

We checked in with coach Schultz and quarterback Tyler Arndt following practice.


On the pace of the offense:
"We've got a lot of offense in. The players are doing a lot of processing right now. As we continue and they don't have to process as much and will be able to practice faster. We've just got a ton of offense in, we've asked them to do a lot of things. We've tweaked a few things."

The battle at the quarterback position:
"I feel like we're in good shape at the quarterback position. We've got two or three guys who are competing for the starting job. I'm not going to discuss individuals right now but overall, it's good for the football team. The team doesn't care. They know we're going to put the right quarterback on the field. Right now we feel like we have a couple of them who are very capable of leading the football team. As we get into fall camp a little bit further and get through some scrimmages that position may define itself. But right now, it's way too early to say anything."

On implementing offense:
"We're where we want to be right now. Are we clean doing everything? No. But there 124 offensive coordinators in the country that would probably tell you the same thing. So no, we're not really clean where we want to be when the season starts. "

On what he sees from the defense:
"The defense is good. Craig and them do a great job. Craig is going to coach a high pressure defense. That's what they do, that's what they're good at."


On fall practices:

"It's hot, but we're pushing through, grinding through, we know what we have to do. We're making some mistakes but I think we're learning from them. The new guys are coming along pretty quick. We're excited to out here."

On the offense:

"I think it's starting to go a little better. We're pretty well into our install and reps. People are starting to get it down and things are coming together. It's just about repetition. We feel good. "

On his experience in the system:

"This is my third year with coach Fran. I've been here, I know the offense that we run. I've been able to learn each year and get better and better. I feel confident. "

On the QB position battle:

"The position battle is always going to be there. You just have to come out and do what you do and try your hardest."



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