Illustrated Insider: Zach Robinson

In this week's Illustrated Insider, BI met up with punter Zach Robinson to get you closer to one of the heroes from last week's victory.

CI: What was feeling good for you last Saturday?

ZR: Pretty much everything was feeling good for me. The atmosphere, the preparation before the game, getting to the game, my drop had been working really well for me. My mental preparation, my physical preparation in pregame – it was just all feeling real good.

CI: It's one thing to go out there four times or five times but you had nine punts. Did you get tired? Were you enjoying the fact that you had to go out there or is that a double edged sword as a punter?

ZR: I love it. I wasn't getting tired at all I was super pumped. I was feeling good about everything. I never expect to punt 9 times but as a punter I love punting, that's what I do. I'm more than happy to be out there.

CI: What is it like as a punter? You want the team to score touchdowns but at the same time you want to prove to be an asset to the team, which you were last week.

ZR: I'm a Bobcat first and a punter second and winning is most important to me. I'd rather not punt and win than punt 10-15 times and lose a game. Punting 9 times and winning the game is my ideal situation.

CI: What would you do if you weren't a football player?

ZR: I'd probably want to be a tattoo artist.

CI: What's your favorite tattoo?

ZR: I think my favorite one is the Japanese traditional on my right arm.

CI: Where would you rate your coolness value from 0-10?

ZR: I'm the coolest of the cool. If it was up to me I would say I was a 10, some people may say I'm 11.

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