Get to Know: Texas Tech

From speedy receivers to Heisman hopefuls, the Red Raiders have been a program with a lot of success but not much glory. Tech comes into the game ranked 25th in the AP poll.

Conference: Big 12

This is the only time Texas State will face a Big 12 opponent this year. Tech has to compete against the likes of Oklahoma, Baylor and UT this season. So, yes they have more of a history against champion competition than the Bobcats do. The Red Raiders lost their inaugural game in the Big 12, actually the first Big 12 conference game ever, in 1996 against Kansas State. The Big 12 has been criticized recently for their lack of competition lately. The last Big 12 National Champion was 8 years ago and after Vince Young and Texas A&M left the Big 12, the competition level hasn't been the same.

Head Coach: Kliff Kingsbury

Kingsbury is Tech's 15th head coach after Tommy Tuberville's resignation last year. Before that, he was the offensive coordinator and quarterback's coach for Texas A&M in the 2012 season. He began his coaching career at the University of Houston as an assistant in 2008. Kevin Sumlin from A&M made sure to take Kingsbury with him when he got his job there last season. Kingsbury was a QB at Tech from 1998-2002 and passed for 12,423 yards scoring 95 TDs and threw 40 picks. He still holds 39 school records, 13 Big 12 records, and 7 NCAA FBS records. Kingsbury mentioned himself playing there had a big part in taking the head coaching position after having a dream job coaching last year's Heisman Trophy winner.

NFL History:

Texas Tech has had 149 players drafted in the NFL. 16 of them are currently playing. Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, and Michael Crabtree are arguably Techs most famous football developments today. Tech has had a history of producing run n' gun style offensive weapons which the NFL has in spades. The receivers that have succeeded in the NFL have been smaller, quicker, and more efficient making them valuable prospects at the next level.

Recent Matchup:

Texas State has never beaten Texas Tech. Last season Tech beat State 58-10 in the Bobcats home opener in their expanded stadium. Not exactly the way one would want to open up a new chapter but it is something the Bobcats have to build on. Tech is exceptional in the passing game historically, so Texas State's run defense being top in the FBS isn't what will lead them to a win this Saturday.

Team History:

Texas Tech has an overall winning record (535-410-32) and has been a successful program since it began in 1925. Their bowl game record is the opposite however, averaging a loss 2 out of every 3 bowls. They've won 11 conference titles (not all in the Big 12). Tech has had 8 Heisman finalists including Kliff Kingsbury but has had no winners yet.

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