'Cats Upset Cowboys, 42-21

The Bobcats were 12 point underdogs on their own home field. After a tough loss last week and a surprising quarterback change, Texas State turned around with a week 5 victory, 42-21 over Wyoming.

Texas State opened the game the way any team would want, stopping one of the hottest offenses in the country and scoring their own touchdown in the first five minutes.

Tyler Jones made his first start of his college career and led the 'Cats to a touchdown on his first drive. Jones, a true freshman, showed immediately he could be a dual threat rushing for 39 yards and passing for 25 in the opening series. Robert Lowe scored his first of 3 touchdowns to start the scoring, 7-0.

Texas State's defense started the game with 2 three and outs brought in part by stopping the run on early downs and tight coverage on third and longs. The Bobcats defensive unit came in to the game ranked 125th in passing and had much to prove against Wyoming's Brett Smith. They managed to keep him out of the red zone until the second quarter.

This is where things got a bit weird.

Early in the second quarter, shortly after Wyoming's first touchdown, the game was delayed due to lightning in the area. It was around 7 p.m. at the time, and the game did not continue until three and a half hours later. When asked what it was like, RB Rob Lowe explained it like this,

"It was terrible. I've never played this late of a game. But you know coaches putting it in our head we have to start the game with the same mentality that we started the game with."

He also mentioned everyone had enough time to take a nap and eat pb&j sandwiches with his teammates in the mean time. Whatever it was, Lowe had another career night with 3 TDs and his 138 yards.

Finally, after the long delay, the cowboys started with the ball and drove all the way down to the endzone for the lead after 14 unanswered points. Texas State responded with 28 unanswered of their own.

Tyler Jones began the scoring run with Texas State's first passing touchdown of the season and it was impressive. Jones, from the left hash threw the ball from the 26 yard line to the far corner of the endzone to Ben Ijah. Lowe followed the next possession on a 5 yard run up the middle followed by two TD runs from Chris Nutall (22 and 5 yds). Coach Fran weighed in on Jones and the revived offense,

"We were in need of a change. Tyler went with the first team on Tuesday...I told him he was the starter on Thursday and that I wouldn't start him unless he earned it. You have to give the offensive line some accolades too. I think we found our quarterback maybe."

Franchione's decision gave him his 200th career win, 6th most among active coaches.

"I'm happy to get 200 with these players. If I had to chose the group this would be the one. These guys have been really special through all this. To see them get to 3-1 is pretty cool."

The defense of Texas State had to keep up with the offense this week for a change. Orakpo stepped up again, filling his sheet with 1 sack, 2 TFL, and 6 total tackles. The rest of the front seven caused 3 sacks, and 3 more hits on the QB. State's secondary, the most scrutinized, fixed their problems over the last week as well combining for 5 passes defended and an interception by Colby Targun.

The Bobcats seem to have had the wake up call they needed and made the proper adjustments to take their game to the next level. They haven't started 3-1 in over a decade, and are happy that even though they finished the game on a different calendar day they pulled off an upset in memorable fashion.

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