Cam's Commentary: Fran or Coker?

Back when Texas State was looking for a new football coach, UTSA was looking for a new football program. Both hired well-respected coaches to head up the challenge and both schools are looking for respect. Let the comparisons, or lack thereof, begin.

The fact that Texas State and UTSA don't play at all anymore is just another example of shameful politics that comes along with the NCAA and college sports. But if they did play, would UTSA get another laugh in at the expense of the Bobcats, who were bludgeoned by them just last year? The simple answer is...I don't think so.

At least, it would be a closer game - I'm backtracking now, thinking about the images of UTSA blowing up the defense every time they touched the ball last year.

Let's state the facts: Larry Coker and the Roadrunners are 14-13 since the program started in 2011. Texas State is 13-15. UTSA has six wins against FBS competition in the last three years while the Bobcats only have 5. UTSA could have had a chance at 7 over the weekend but instead, many Bobcat fans I'm sure smirked at the Roadrunner fourth quarter meltdown as it transpired.

It would appear, however, that the obsession with the newest football team in America is wearing off, while the Bobcats continue to trend upwards. UTSA has started this season 2-3 with blowout losses to Oklahoma State, Arizona and Houston. Yes, Oklahoma State is a top 25 school but UTSA was at home and Texas State played a ranked opponent too, on the road, in front of a sellout and had every opportunity to take a lead into the fourth quarter against Texas Tech. The Red Raiders are now ranked ahead of the Cowboys - what does that say?

Texas State also appears to have the edge on recruiting for the third year in a row. According to our national recruiting analysts, Texas State's class has gone from being 120th best in 2012, to 104th in 2013 to a projected 79th best in 2014. UTSA started last in 2012, 124th, and finished four spots behind Texas State again in 2013, 100th. The problem for UTSA, however, is this year's projected class. The Roadrunners actually could take a step back, projected 111th for 2014 at this time. There's a long way to go in recruiting but that's not a good start for UTSA.

Is Texas State in better shape than UTSA, overall? Probably not just yet. UTSA still has the major TV market, the bigger city and the more well-recognized conference. But, Texas State is the new hot ticket in town. The team's first two home games both got 20,000+ people in the door and could sell out their home game with UL-Monroe if Texas State goes to Lafayette and pulls out a victory. For a program with a long history of wishy-washy commuter fans, this is some major progress. No one would have been in the stadium three years ago after a 3-and-a-half hour rain delay. Roughly 1,500 were still there late Saturday night.

In the end, the hires for both schools were probably for the best, unlike a growing rivalry going by the wayside. Which school becomes superior the quickest, however, remains to be seen.

Three Things to See:

Did you see? Bowl projections are out. Yes, it's only week 6 but seriously, it's never to early. Texas State is projected by CBS Sports - actually projected - to go to a bowl game. Which one? The Idaho Potato Bowl. Absolutely glorious. December 21, Boise, Idaho on the blue field. Or, Texas State could shock everybody and actually get an automatic Sun Belt spot, but playing on the blue field is a pretty awesome consolation prize. Oh, and they'd be playing Bowling Green, a team the Bobcats were supposed to meet during the season this decade (the arrangement never panned out).

Did you see? Alabama, the nation's #1 FBS team will be taking on Georgia State this week, FBS' worst team and a Sun Belt Conference opponent for the Bobcats later this year. The Panthers have lost to 3 FCS teams already this year, which is enough embarrassment to last for years. Georgia State has no chance and Alabama playing them is almost worse than if they were to just be playing an FCS school. Let the winless season for Georgia State continue, it's a lock that they won't see a 'W' in their column anytime soon.

Did you see? There's lots of interesting college football news out there. The military academies might not get to play this weekend because of the government shutdown (Navy and Air Force are expected to face off in front of a sellout crowd) **UPDATE* academies ok'd to play*, Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds "retired" and Oregon's high-powered offense got it's wings clipped with a De'Anthony Thomas injury. Who will fall this week? There are 3 Top 25 match ups this weekend.

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