1 On 1 With Rob Lowe

In his second year, RB Rob Lowe has gone from newcomer to top runner for the Bobcats. Lowe has big plans to come, both short and long term. BI caught up with him this week after practice.

Robert Lowe has emerged from a role player to the most dependable part of Texas State's offense this year. Since week four he's had three 100 yard games, including a career high 138 yards, followed by another career high 140 against ULM. It's safe to say he deserves to be the feature back.

"I'm just grateful. We've got a lot of good backs. We've got four good backs. We had tough competition in fall camp and I just want to do my part, work as hard as I can, and give myself the best opportunity so that's what I'm doing," said Lowe.

There are good backs here which certainly says something about Robert. Look at Gay, who had the longest touchdown of the 2012 season (75), or Franks who had 138 yards and 2 TD's just this year. He mentioned how important it was to have their support and elaborated about what has changed for him this season.

"Poise and handling the pressure has been more important. I feel comfortable carrying the ball and I'm working on my carries this year. I'm just trying to find my groove and get better every game, but they're always supportive. All the running backs are. Thats why were so close."

Lowe didn't get too many carries last year, so there wasn't much to say about his running style. This season he's showed he can be explosive, breaking out his 49 yard run against Tech, and reliable with 30 carries against Wyoming. Lowe spoke on the kind of player he is now.

"I'm more patient now. I'm letting my blocks set up better. I had a few carries last year but I feel like I can carry the load now. I got a lot of carries this year, and I feel more comfortable."

He's confident in his play, and his future. When asked about the goals Lowe had for himself, he mentioned some lofty ones.

"I want to touch 1000 yards this year. That's my goal. I'm working towards that. We have 6 more games to go. Hopefully I can reach it."

Long term Lowe plans to play in the NFL. If he can keep his carries up and make 100 yard games the norm, who's to say that's too farfetched? Rob Lowe seems to be Texas State's up and coming athlete. The offense needs a consistent threat, and the leading scorer Lowe may be just that.

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