First Conference Win For Bobcats

Week 8 was good to the 'Cats. Coach Fran and company had a very basic plan: run the ball and run it well. With the team of Lowe and Nutall, Texas State surged to the 24-17 victory on Saturday evening.

The Bobcats ran the ball 42 times for 296 yards. This is the most yardage on the ground for Texas State this season, and was predictable from a mile away. Fran drew up only 12 pass plays for 47 yards. He mentioned his play call style after the game.

"We probably were a little conservative on offense for reasons you can figure out. We felt like we could run the ball on them going into the game and felt like we could do the things we needed to in that department. Rob Lowe and Chris Nutall both had some great runs tonight. I think we're going to have to win ugly."

Lowe and Nutall did have great nights. Lowe once again has had his third consecutive career game. Tonight he had 177 yards on the ground on 21 carries. Nutall ran for almost 100 and averaged 10 a carry. Franchione mentioned Lowe as their lead runner with Nutall being the "change of pace" guy. Whatever you call them, they can find a way to carry an entire offense. Lowe spoke with us following the win.

"Hopefully I can hit two (hundred) yards this year. I know I'm not at my potential right now. If I've got to carry the load I will. We definitely planned to rush straight at them. It was working so we stayed with it. If we were gashing them we were going to keep gashing them."

As far as Lowe individually, when asked how his path to 1000 yards is panning out he told us.

" I don't know how many games it'll take to get 1000. Hopefully i reach that goal. If not hopefully we make it to a bowl game and to win the conference. 1000 yards is a little ways away but I can see myself moving towards that in the next few games."

David Mayo, arguably the biggest leader on the defense according to Damion McMiller, went out with what looked to be a right knee/ankle injury early in the first quarter. McMiller, a senior, replaced Mayo for the remainder of the game to make a nearly seamless transition. McMiller had a game high solo and total tackles with 11 and 15. He spoke after the game.

"Coach Brad's been pretty smart about having me double working two positions and making sure I'm ready just in case anything like that was to happen. It's unfortunate... I just had to step up and get it done. As soon as I knew Mayo went down I knew I had to step up. Big players step up when we need them to"

Another notable performance on the defensive side came from Justin Iwuji with his second interception of the season. That interception paved the way for Lowe's second touchdown run of the evening.

As far as progression for young Tyler Jones, he stepped back this week as a role playing quarterback who's main job was to not turn the ball over. He succeeded in doing so, leaving the only interception of the night to Tim Gay. Yes, Tim Gay the running back. When the only pass into the endzone comes from your 4th runningback, its safe to say the coaches still want their quarterbacks to take time to form.

Overall the Bobcats did what they had to do to get their first conference win of the year. Even if the ball was ran like offenses in the 70's, Texas State did it efficiently and it led them to a win.

On the season, Texas State is now 4-3 overall, with a 1-2 record in Sun Belt play.

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