Keys To The Game: South Alabama

The Bobcats host South Alabama in hope of their second conference win. Texas State is taking two points this weekend, so here are the two points that will turn the underdogs into top dogs.

Drew's Keys

1. Win the Line of Scrimmage Battle

Texas State's 11th ranked rushing defense in the country will go against an offensive line composed of red shirts and juniors. The Jaguars' offensive coordinator has given credit to coach Naivar this past week, acknowledging how creative he is in mixing up their looks without changing personnel. Texas State gives up just over 100 yards rushing on the ground per game. Seeing as their offense relies heavily on rushing touchdowns (16), this will be a huge factor.

Goal: 4 TFL, and concede no more than 120 rushing yards

2. Remain Disciplined The Bobcats have lost both conference games when they have 5 or more penalties. A penalty late against ULM hurt Texas State and led to the only home loss so far this season. Last week they only conceded 3 penalties against Georgia State and led to a win. Texas State should keep this form up if they intend to beat USA this weekend.

Goal: No More than 4 Penalties

Prediction: Texas State in a close game 24-21

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