1 On 1: Damion McMiller

BI caught up with Damion McMiller this week after practice to talk about both the upcoming game against Arkansas State and his personal career. The well spoken senior let us in on what it was like moving between schools and his family life in this weeks 1 On 1.

Ever since replacing David Mayo's spot in the front seven, McMiller has taken over right where Mayo left off. Since the beginning of Texas State's 3 game win streak, McMiller has led the team in total tackles. It's easy to admit he's a significant factor in the 'Cats defense. Damion spoke on his play since changing positions.

"I think the position I've been playing lately since Mayo has been out has allowed me to be a tempo player, to play the back side cutback really well and also be able to play a lot of coverage. I think that's where our strength is. For me, as a player, is to help in coverage, tempo the run, and play downhill football."

TXST is planning different blitz packages he mentioned, which is why they focused on man coverage fundamentals all week. The 10th highest completion percentage in the nation will be facing some pressure come Saturday. Besides the game ahead, Damion had plenty to say about his past play in California and his transition through different programs.

"In high school we played at a high level. We always had players out of (Lincoln) that went big time across the nation. At Weber State I knew the coach was going to leave. I felt it, and as soon as I left he did leave...I've definitely seen the level of play change from high school to college then junior college and back to D-1 level with Texas State. I've see the changes whether its technique wise or just the speed of the game, fast and intense."

He has obviously had to raise his game in order to compete at the D-1 level, not once but twice. McMiller let us in on how his game has improved since just playing at Texas State.

"I think here understanding football and just the fits that each player plays, your one eleventh, and how important it is. Just to be able to see the seams, read my keys and play fast. Not only knowing my keys but being able to go with it at the drop of a dime."

In his last season, Damion reflected on his favorite play throughout his whole career. It happened to be from this season.

"My most memorable moment was probably this year. The diving save I had against Southern Miss, to stop them on a 3rd down completion. I thought that was a big chance not only for me but for my team to put us in a position to win the game."

With talks about where Texas State will end up in the bowl game frenzy, BI asked McMiller what it would take to get Texas State to the next level in the FBS.

"I think just continually getting people to buy into the program as we change the culture. Texas State's not used to winning. They're not used to being at the FBS level. We want to be able to come to this level and establish a culture of winning so we can get better recruits and step up to compete with all Texas schools around us."

The criminal justice major graduates this December. In the near future he plans to either be a graduate assistant to one day coach college football, or try law school. He isn't quite sure yet, but for now he's more focused on winning one game at a time and spending as much time with his 3 year old daughter as possible.

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