Eligibility Pipeline

Spring Ball is just a few weeks away. The majority of this signing class won't be on campus yet, but we take a look at the roster breakdown by scholarship players and their eligibility by position.

We've been able to confirm 86 scholarships are presently accounted for. With attrition, whether it's a transfer, dismissal, or academics, Texas State should have no problem being at the NCAA allowed limit of 85 scholarships come August.

Randy Price, Junior
Tyler Jones, Sophomore
Fred Nixon, Sophomore
Connor White, Freshman

(Running Backs-6)
C.J. Best, Medical RS Junior
Terrance Franks, Senior
Robert Lowe, Junior
Chris Nutall, Junior
Tim Gay, Junior
Stedman Mayberry, HS

(Wide Receivers-9)
Ben Ijah, Senior
Michael Gilmore, Senior
Terrell Smith, Senior
Jafus Gaines, Junior
Brandon Smith, Junior
Justin Albritton, Sophomore
Demun Mercer, RS Freshman
Brice Gunter, RS Freshman
P.J. Anderson, HS

(Offensive Line-15)
Collin Fissell, Senior
Charles Will Tuttle, Senior
Adrian Bellard, Junior
Jackson Costello, Junior
Matt Freeman, Junior
Zach Crawford, Junior
Brandon Sarabia, Junior
Hayden Lambert, Sophomore
Ryan Melton, Sophomore
Felix Romero, Sophomore
Jackson Hoskins, RS Freshman
Will Copa, HS
Kanon Mackey, HS
Tyrston Mizerak, HS
Kian Schoenborn, HS

(Tight Ends-8)
Bradley Miller, Senior
David Lewis, Senior
Ryan Carden, Junior
Lawrence White, Junior
Kris Peterson, Junior
Lucas Askew, Freshman
Gabe Schrade, Freshman
Cameron Knight, HS

(Defensive Line-18)
Michael Odiari, Senior
Marcus Dallas Jr., Senior
Tylond Robertson, Junior
Rusmin Nikocevic, RS Junior
Mershad Dillon, Junior
Steven Eddings, Junior
Dondre Elvoid, Junior
Roosevelt Pearson, Junior
Toni Pulu, Junior
Darius Hood, Medical RS Sophomore
Justin Booth, Sophomore
Brian Guendling, Sophomore
Karee' Berry, RS Freshman
Jeff Banks, RS Freshman
Dallas McClarty, RS Freshman
Will Trevillion, RS Freshman
Cody Casey, HS
Cedric Gambrell, HS

Michael Orakpo, Senior
David Mayo, Senior
Andrew Hamilton, Senior
Jerrid Jeter-Gilmon, Junior
Darnell Dailey Jr., Junior
Stephen Smith, Sophomore

(Defensive Backs-17)
Brandon Jones, Senior
Colby Targun, Senior
Craig Mager, Senior
David Mims II, Junior
Donta Clanton, RS Junior
Demetrius Woodard, RS Junior
Trey Garrett, RS Junior
Germod Williams, Sophomore
Damani Alexcee, Sophomore
Dila Rosemond, RS Freshman
Brandon McDowell, RS Freshman
Andrew Aneke, HS
DeVondrick Dixon, HS
Clarence Guidry, HS
Frankie Griffin, HS
Stephan Johnson, HS
Camyron Brown, HS

Jason Dann, Senior
Will Johnson, Senior
James Sherman, HS

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