Soaring To New "Hights"

This athlete brings good size, speed, and playmaking ability. Schools are starting to pick up on him and Texas State is one of those programs.

Tre'vontae Hights out of Yoakum, Texas is a stand out from a losing high school program from last season. Going into his Senior year he'll look to try to and attract more attention to his talents, by taking Yoakum High School to the playoffs in 2014.

Hights has seen serious interest from only three schools so far, however UTSA, Texas State, and Baylor all seem to think they may have found a diamond in the rough.

. Baylor out of the three actually seems to be showing the most interest, much impart to Tre'Vontae's amazing potential in track. In his Junior season Hights won state in the triple jump, while also competing strongly in the 400m run, long Jump and high Jump, showing he is just what his classification implies, a pure athlete.

In terms of Hights' style of play, Tre'Vontae is a flat out play maker and dual threat quarterback, who loves to have the ball in his hands. Hights runs a 4.49 40 yard dash and is laterally just as quick, weaving in and out of defenses.

"First and foremost I just want to go to a school where i can get a good education and secondly i want to go to a school where i am going to be able to play, i am too competitive to be content sitting on the bench," said Hights.

He's still waiting for his first official offer, however Tre'Vontae says that all three schools have stayed in contact with him. Coach Kyle Tatum for Texas State is doing his part to keep his interest as he communicates frequently through phone and email.

Hights will be a recruit to keep our eye on as he looks to prove to scouts that he can produce wins and carry a team on his shoulders in his senior season. Once the wins start to come, so will the offers, and Texas State is already ahead of the pack keeping a close eye on his progress.

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