Practice Report

Spring practice may have been postponed, but Bobcat football made up for it with a promising first day back in helmets.

New offensive plans along with a recently acquired defensive coordinator may seem like a cause for chaos on the first day of practice. The result was quite the contrary for Texas State.

The rumors of the no-huddle offensive scheme seem to be true. Tyler Jones (the only returning quarterback from the 2013 season) ran their quick offense drill with poise and control. This should be promising for Bobcat fans, and BI wasn't the only one to notice. Brandon Smith, a veteran wide receiver had comments on how Tyler handled the drill.

"We're looking pretty good. Tyler's taking control of the offense. I noticed that today actually. He's easily one of the best in this conference. He should be a threat."

Smith himself seemed to not drop a single pass all day. He shut down every receiver drill and soon explained why his energy was so high on his first day back.

"Coach came to me, Ben (Ijah), and Terrell (Smith) and told us to step up and be leaders because we're the veterans now. It's going to be interesting."

Tyler Jones was not the only quarterback to have a strong day. Junior College transfer, Randy Price, had an equally impressive day. Although he was more humble about his first day of practice, he showed strong competitive spirit amongst the other 4 QB's.

"I'm getting there, and it's a lot different from juco. We ran a no-huddle, but it was much more controlled. Here its already been much faster just in day one. It's a great competition. Coach defined the roles. Who's 1, 2, and 3," said Price.

He wouldn't confirm nor deny where his spot in the depth chart was as of today. However, if the depth chart was rewritten based on one day of practice it is fair to believe he would be in the top two at worst. Price is someone BI was very impressed with and believe there's much more to come from him.

As far as the defensive situation is concerned, newly acquired Coach Thompson did not set up any base-looking scheme. Whether it'll be a 4-2-5 or any type of 3 down linemen scheme is yet to be solidified. However, one thing seems fairly likely. There will be 5 defensive backs on the field at any given time.

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