Practice Report (4.10.14)

The defense in its final practice, put in more work for the running backs, and tried to set the stage for the the upcoming maroon and gold game this Saturday.

The Bobcats at practice this Thursday implemented more swing and wheel routes for the running backs to get them involved in the new high octane passing offense. Last season we saw much more of a run oriented offense which was very successful, and both of the running backs who where carrying the load have returned this season.

Rob Lowe and Chris Nutall are probably the only two players coming into spring who everyone pretty much knew what they where going to get out of them. So so far this spring, we haven't seen a whole lot of them due to so many other question marks on both sides of the ball coming into spring practice. For a moment we we might have been led to believe that the Bobcats might shift more than just the pace of their offense, but the balance of it altogether. In every scrimmage so far this spring the Bobcats have been right around fifty-fifty, run versus pass, and maybe a little more in favor of the pass at times. Today however we saw that the running backs are still the primary focus of the offense and where also reminded just why that is.

"Coach was challenging me and Rob a lot today, really giving us a lot of work. I love the new style of offense, I don't really care if we aren't really going to touch the ball quite as much as we did last year, but it will definitely keep the defenses from being able to key in and focus on us. Which will allow us to hopefully break some bigger plays when our number is called," said Nutall after practice.

Most practices this spring there has been a clear winner between the offense or the defense. Today was more balanced , with both sides making good plays on the ball. Defensively we saw Darnell Dailey making some really good plays in pass coverage with the second team defense and could be setting the stage for another big outing at the Maroon versus Gold game Saturday. There was one specific play where he was matched up on Bradley Miller who was having a great day of his own, making several catches down the field on the day, where Dailey broke perfectly on the pass out of zone coverage and nearly made an interception in the middle. Coach Franchione was asked about who we might need to look for in the game Saturday that maybe has been flying under the radar and this is what he had to say.

"I think some of the Red-shirt Freshman, have a chance to come in and show us what they have in a real game type situation, such as Demun Mercer, Bryce Gunter and Dila Rosemond. Also Conner White will start get a start and we will be able to get a good look at him, and his ability to have a lot more control with his offense."

The Texas State Maroon and Gold game is sure to be an exciting one, with two evenly drafted teams and a chance to see the players get more into the flow of the game than the scrimmages. The game starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday and this will be the best opportunity for anyone to come out and see some of the talent that the Bobcats have headed into the 2014 season.

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