Commitment Tracker: Landon Beck

When this d-lineman started things off for Texas State on the commitment list, whispers were he was too light to play inside. How does 275lbs sound to you BobcatNation.

Being a student athlete is a year around job now. So anytime a kid can get away for a minute and still be a kid, it brings a smile to our face. In the constant regiment of training and working out, Texas State commit Landon Beck was able to enjoy a week off with his family and head down to Mexico. They stayed near Cancun and had a blast just relaxing.

Back to the real world. So far Landon's spring and summer has consisted of intense training, lifting and work around the house. His family just purchased some land so he's busting his hump in helping clean the property. Nothing like some hard labor around the house or property in the the Texas heat to help get you into shape.

He's now weighing in at 275lbs, an increase of 25-30lbs of when our staff saw him in person during the spring. That's nothing to sneeze at either, he already looked like an ox. Depending around what time of day you catch Beck, he might be aright around the 270 mark, but after a hard day's work or workout, it's nothing a good dinner can't get back.

Beck remains solidly committed to Texas State. Wide Receivers Coach Jason Johnson remains in constant contact and the staff is always sending him things through social media or mail. Schools such as TCU and North Texas have stayed in touch but it hasn't been anything out of the ordinary.

Landon plans on visiting campus next week as a matter of fact. He plans on paying a visit Wednesday to check out the staff and take in the campus a little more. Just in time for the second rounds of Texas State Camps.

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