Practice Report 8.21.14

As we get closer to the end of the third week of practice, we begin to get an idea of who will be the starters. BI was on hand at Thursdays practice and has some practice notes.

Texas State Football Practice Report for 8.21.14

---The offense tonight was getting the ball off in under 17 seconds at points and the pace is coming along very well. The O-Line looks crisp and prepared for the challenge, and should not be an issue for this coming season. Tyler Jones has really good control of the offense.

---Behind the RB's Tyler Jones has enough weapons at his disposal to really do some damage and put up some good numbers this season. Ben Ijah is his favorite with his big frame and down field ability. C.J. Best, although I have mentioned in nearly ever practice report, has looked like quite a weapon in the slot, if you get him in any kind of space he is very hard to corral. Ryan Carden will be a perfect compliment to the run game and is like a trying to tackle a train when he catches the ball.

----Defense looks much improved since the beginning of camp. They may take a while to pick up some steam with so many new starters, but behind Mayo and Orakpo's leadership the Bobcats D will shape up to be a solid unit this fall. Germod Williams, Colby Targun, and Aaron Shaw look like they could be the game one starters at safety, but still a few players who could find them self in the mix. Woodard has really stood on the second team all camp, also Trey Garret got his chance with the first team for a few practices although, Coach Thompson decided to go for a different look.

----D-Line still is a work in progress, but they are starting to disrupt the first team offense a little bit. Odiari looks to have his position secured at DE and Karee Berry could be edging out Kris Peterson for the other end. DT will be between Dondre Elvoid, Will Trevilion, and Dallas McClarty. Will Trevillion and McClarty have both received praise at points in Fall Camp, however who ever can show to be the most consistent will take the job. All of the main DT's are around the same ability and playing style, so the pros and con's aren't too drastic.

Coach Fran On Tyler Jones' Improvement

"He knew a lot for a Freshman, but not anywhere to the point that he is today, " said Coach Franchione. "This year there are little minute details that he needs to work on at times, but it's night and day difference between now and last season."

Coach Bedell On The Offensive Line's Adjustment To The No Huddle

"They worked extraordinarily hard during the summer. Coach Cundiff got them ready, conditioning wise, weight room wise. We also had a complete buy in of nutrition we have lost some weight in some positions that we needed to lose weight at and we've gotten stronger, because of it," said Coach Bedell, "We set the tone that we need to be physical and that's what they are."

Coach Thompson On The Depth Of Defense

"We want to, one, create competition, and two, create depth. I think a strength of ours is going to be to play a lot of people," Said Coach Thompson. "Upfront with our JC guys and guys getting well, we are where we want to be. We are not still searching, we are just trying to stack it on."

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