Coach Fran Speaks At Luncheon

The first Media Luncheon of the season took place Tuesday and we got some of Coach Fran's first thoughts on Arkansas Pine-Bluff. A couple of players were also on hand to give their thoughts on the upcoming season.

Texas State Head Coach Dennis Franchione had some reassuring things to say about both sides of the ball. We also got a few quotes from both David Mims II and Aaron Shaw, two new starters in the secondary.

Coach Fran On Task Of Game One Preparation

"We don't know, until pre-game warm ups, what a team is even going to look like for the first game of the season. You do your best, X's and O's wise, to prepare. The best thing about first games is that if you aren't excited about it this game then you need to be doing something else."

Coach Fran On The Defense

" I feel like we are as far along as we can be on defense at this point. I'm surprised at how much Coach Thompson has been able to install and do in practice. We are far more multiple than we we were last year. Our guys on defense like what they are doing and have been excited about it since day one."

Aaron Shaw On Being Named a Stater

"It's exciting to play period, not just as a starter, but at this level in general. If we can all come together as a unit, and get all of our job's done, we are going to be a force to reckoned with this year."

David Mims II On State Of Defense

"I like how Coach Thompson wants us to dictate the tempo, not the other way around. I applaud what Coach Thompson has done implementing a completely new defensive system, with so much multiplicity as Coach Fran said.

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