Week 3 Media Luncheon

BI was on hand for the weekly luncheon to ask Coach Fran about his plans for Navy Saturday night.

Coach Fan's Opening Statements:
Opening week was good for us, we got a lot of good work in. Our guys had three days off and then a great practice on Sunday, because of the time off. It was really good for our guys to be able to refresh themselves a little bit. One of the bonuses of our schedule is we get some opportunities, we like that. In regards to getting ready for Navy, the opening week has been huge, I know there where a few times I was asked if I wanted to schedule a game in the week prior and I kept telling them, "No, no, no". We kept this weekend open on purpose, and I feel like it's helped us a great deal.

(On the Size of Navy)
They are recruiting good sized guys, and they have good speed. They are not all huge guys, but they are getting big guys. I don't know what they are doing at Navy, but they've found something for them to do and they have a nice sized ball club. If you match up the film on Ohio State, Navy is playing really fast in that game.

(On Players not named Keenan Reynolds)
It's such a quarterback, centered offense. When we ran that offense back in 1990-1991, our kids would come in and watch the film and they would see, "Hey, it's a pitch week, I'm going to get the ball," or the full back would come in and watch the film and say "Hey, it's a fullback week." They would watch the film and have their own ideas on how the game was going to go. I don't know if there is an individual other than the QB that you can be in tune with because he's going to dispense the ball with whatever the defense tells him to do.

(The defensive scheme for Navy)
There will be some tweaks this week, but I can't tell you much about them, because I don't want to tell Navy. That being said we have made some adjustments to try and play to our strengths.

(Difference in Offensive Philosophies)
They aren't concerned about speed or tempo, but they are no huddle. Now they can get a little up tempo, but most of their no huddle, appears to be, look to the sideline and the coach will look at the defense and say "Ok, we run this play," more so than the boom, boom, boom, like we were the other night.

(On the Time of Possession Battle)
We aren't going to win the TOP battle. I'm becoming more and more like Mike Leach every day. I give no thought to TOP, it's not the way we do things right now, At the end of the night, win or lose, we are not going to win the TOP battle.

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