Coach Niumatalolo Talks

Navy Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo took time to speak with BobcatIllustrated, as the Midshipmen prepare to take on Texas State Saturday evening.

(On Jr. QB Keenan Reynolds and his status)
"He's a big part of what we do. Your quarterback is always a big part of what you do. He's a good player, ask anybody about their offense, the guy who makes everything go is the quarterback. He's been a big part of our success, he's a big part of who we are. He's still probable and hopefully he'll be able to play."

(On how the Navy offense is playing so far already racking up 847 rushing yards)
"We've done some good things offensively. I thought our offense played well. One thing right now is we're turning the ball over. If we could find a way to remedy that which has always been our deal, trying to take care of the football, I'd be even more pleased if we took care of the ball."

(Defensively, talk about your unit and it's key players)
I'm very pleased with the way we're playing defensively right now. We've played two solid football games, so I've been very pleased with them. Our leaders on defense starts with our Team Captain, Parrish Gaines, our starting safety. Another one is Chris Johnson (Sr.) our starting linebacker, Bernie Sarra (Jr.) the nose guard, and really our D-line with Paul Quessenberry (Sr.) and Will Anthony (Jr.), those guys. They spur us on, it just plays with the way we're playing on defense."

(On playing Texas State Saturday and thoughts about Saturday's game)
"We're excited about playing Texas State. Coach Franchione and his staff have done a great job in building that program. We're playing a good team coached by a great coaching staff.

(In specific, what catches your eye about the Texas State offense)
Coach Fran has always had prolific offenses. He's always ran the ball wherever he's been. They're always good, sound football teams. They're doing what they do, but they're going faster. They've added some wrinkles, the speed and the tempo at which they're doing it. It puts a lot more bind on you, running plays in volume, you have to be in shape and it's a tough thing to deal with."

(On recruiting the State of Texas)
It's a big part for us in recruiting. Being able to tell parents that we'll be back here, playing Texas State. Texas has been a good state for us. Football is really-really good, they get good grades, tough, patriotic kids from that state. So they fit in perfectly for the Academy, the type of players we're looking for. They've been coached hard in high school and it's been a great fit for us."

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