The Turning Point: Navy

Seeing the game from all viewpoints, sideline and press-box, we give you the key turning points that formed the end result to Saturday's, 35-21 loss.

The saying is, "It doesn't matter how you start, but how you finish." Well that was proven wrong, as it was the start that doomed Texas State.

(Navy scores on first four possessions)

32,000+ in the stands, Navy's starting QB Keenan Reynolds was held out, and great September weather did nothing to halt Navy. In the first 23 minutes of the contest, the Midshipmen trounced on the Bobcats and took complete control of the game, 28-0.

In the 1st Quarter alone, Navy pounded out 103 yards on 14 carries. Averaging 7.3 yards per rush. Reserve QB, Tago Smith, led the charge picking up 57 of those yards.

The 2nd Quarter was more of the Navy offense racking it up. Slot back Geoffrey Whiteside joined the action, pitching in a 38 yard rush, and a 19 yard reception that would lead to a Tago Smith 1 yard keeper.

In the next Texas State series, Navy would capitalize on a Tyler Jones interception, and go the short 24 yards for another 7. Navy tacked on another 84 yards on the ground, a total of 187 yards alone in the first half.

Defensive Coordinator John Thompson, for the most part would run a 2-4-5, 5-2-4 (aka 50 Defense), and even a 3-3-5 to slow the ground attack. By the time the defense asserted itself, Navy was comfortably ahead.

The Bobcats would respond with a score at the 6 minute mark in the 2nd Quarter, but the first part of the contest is where the Midshipmen turned the contest entirely.

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