Media Luncheon Recap: Week 5

Head Coach Dennis Franchione took the podium again Tuesday to talk about Saturdays Illinois game and lead up into this weekends match-up against Tulsa. BI was present and had some questions for both Coach Fran and LB David Mayo.

Texas State Head Coach Dennis Franchione's opening statement

"When you play a power five team like that and get in that position, if you could turn just four or five plays differently than it certainly could have been a different outcome. Our guys played hard and they were all really disappointed to lose that one. We gave up to many rushing yards to them and didn't fill the gaps very well at times. Tulsa offensively is pretty good, throwing the ball over 300 yards per game. The quarterback is a gunslinger, he's not afraid of anything. The defense is solid for Tulsa, they are always well prepared. Both teams are 1-2 and would like to get one back in the good column."

Coach Fran on Tyler Jones as a passer

"Each week is different because each group of guys are going to defend us differently. What we have to do is take advantage of what they are going to give us. They played a lot of man coverage on our receivers, and we made them pay some, and they made us pay some. The quick rhythm throws help us when we struggle in protection, and I wish I would have moved him around in the pocket a little more, but I think we adjusted pretty well. Tyler is very good at when he scrambles, he is very good at maintaining vision down the field. The first touchdown to Ben Ijah, I don't think I've coached many guys that would have found him there. Even with that unfortunate play at the end of the game this past Saturday I feel like Tyler had played a heck of a game, and my trust in him has really grown."

Coach Fran on making a statement last Game before conference play

"I would just like to get to 2-2 going into conference play. When you sit back in August and look at our first month of the season and see that you have Navy, Illinois, and Tulsa on your schedule, that's not an easy way to say we are going to be 2-2 or 3-1 coming out of non-conference. We've got our shot this week, this is a pretty even match-up, I think in a lot of ways. I'm sure they are thinking the same thing, they would like to be 2-2 just as bad as we would. Conference play always has a heightened emotion and mental aspect no matter what, but I think the biggest thing is we improved in a lot of areas Saturday. We still have a lot of areas to improve on, but the good thing is that we definitely have the ability to do so. Sometimes you reach a point where you are what you are, but I don't feel like we are even close to done becoming what we will by the end of the season."

LB David Mayo on filling the void of Orakpo

"I have to pick up his vocal leadership on the field. Before he was the guy making all of the calls, he was the guy checking and getting everyone lined up in the right positions. I was following his lead as well as everyone else, and now it's my job to be more vocal and be a leader for my teammates. "

Mayo on the depth at Linebacker

"I feel really good about our depth at linebacker. Jerrid Jeter-Gilmon stepped in against Illinois and had a great game, Trey McGowen stepped in and had a great game against Navy, and Stephen Smith all this season and last, has come in and done some really good things. I have a lot of faith in the guys at our position to compete no matter who is in the game."

Mayo on the match-up against Tulsa

"Tulsa is a really good team, kind of similar to Illinois offensively. They like to throw the ball a lot and have a lot of speed especially at wide receiver, but also at running back and even their quarterback is pretty mobile. To win we are going to have to lock down the pass and get some pressure on the quarterback."

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