DB Commit Wins State Title

This Texas State commit won a high school state championship to wrap up his senior year. Our staff caught up with him to talk about his season and reaction to the departure of his position coach.

Johnny Durham has wrapped up a stellar high school football career at Aledo. He has won 2 state titles as a varsity starter and has been apart of 4 by paying his dues on scout team in the beginning stages of his high school football career.

“Winning state twice is special, winning it senior year was more meaningful to me than winning it my junior year. Everybody, even the scout team played a huge part in all this. Winning 5 out of the last 6 state titles is huge, just being apart of it is awesome. I hope the run continues, “said Durham.

In his senior year, Durham finished with 7 interceptions, 18 pass break ups, almost 40 tackles, and 4 tackles for loss. In the state semi-final game against John Tyler, Johnny had two key interceptions that helped the Bearcats win and go back to the state title game.

“I didn’t make any huge plays, the defense came together in the 4th and did what they had to do. Luke Bishop came in and played well, he got the game winning ball. That was special to me because I don’t know if he’s playing football in college, it was special to see that,” said Durham.

Over the last few weeks, Durham also learned that his position coach at Texas State left for the University of Houston. It caught him by surprise, but for the most part, he remains solid with his commitment to Texas State.

“It was pretty surprising, Coach (Brad) Bedell called me and told me he was leaving for Houston. I’m still a sold commit, that doesn’t have a big effect on me, I wanted to get coached by him (Washington), but I’m sure they (Texas State) will get another good coach,” said Durham.

The only way Durham would consider de-committing is if Coach Washington and the University of Houston (UH) were to offer him. At the moment, it doesn't appear that the Cougars are targeting him.

With his high school football career over, Durham is now focusing on off season workouts, and potentially track.

“I probably will run track, haven’t decided for sure yet though. If I do run, I will run the relays or the open 200 meter dash, right now I’m just trying to improve my routes and getting faster and stronger,” said Durham.

As for his next chapter in football at Texas State he's ready to get going. Whether that means playing as a freshman or even having to red shirt.

“If I can play right away against Florida State then I will, any opportunities I get I will take them up. If I have to red-shirt this year, then that’s fine with me too,” said Durham.

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