Top Signees And Sleepers (BI Staff)

Our Staff came up with the top individual signees for both offense and defense, as well as a sleeper pick from this year’s recruiting class. Here's our last piece evaluating this class.


Defense: Javier Edwards DT
A huge pick up for the Bobcats. Edwards has great size to plug up holes in the middle of the trenches. He's a 6’4 330lb wrecking machine that can move for a big man, has clocked as fast as a 4.9. That enables him to be very quick off of his feet. Yes, he still has work to do in the classroom, but if he qualifies, it'll be interesting to see him compete in fall camp with the size he can bring to Texas State on the d-line.

Offense: Kwamane Bowens WR
My top signee of the offensive class, he has already one year of playing D-1 football under his belt at the University of Hawaii. The kid can flat out move, he runs a 4.4 flat, standing at 6’1 coming in at 201lbs, he's the type of WR that Texas State needs. A burner who can compliment Brandon Smith, and because of his build, he has no problem going over the middle. Watch out for those yards after catch with his quickness and speed.

Sleeper: Easy Anyama DB
Originally a hurdler for the University of Texas, he has a lot of speed and will contribute right away for the Bobcat’s. Anyama is 6’3” 200lbs, runs a sub 4.4, he is very versatile and can play either side of the ball, but DC John Thompson has him working with the safeties. Great size and speed, as long as he refreshes himself with the position after being out of football for 2+ years, the 'Cats may have landed a solid contributor or possibly even starter come the fall.


Offense: Bralon Hutchison WR/RB
It came down to him or Justin Gamble for me. No disrespect to L.G. Williams, but he'll be red shirting this year and I just see Hutchison playing from day one. The Bobcats would take 3-4 C.J. Best's if they had'em. His speed is game breaking, he can stop on a dime, change direction, and change a game. The staff has told him they plan on using his ability asap whether it's in the slot or out of the backfield, they simply need to get him on the field.

Defense: Landon Beck DL/DT
The kid is physically built like a rock. He hardly had any body fat on him when we saw him this summer and fall. Now he's up to 280lbs and with his 6'4" frame could even add more weight. Incredibly strong and plays every down with a fire, his motor is non-stop. He excels in getting off the block and that is definitely something that can help the 'Cats defensive line. Even better news, Beck can play either spot if needed and although there are upperclassmen in front of him, his attitude and work ethic would not surprise me at all to see him play.

Sleeper: Teron Fitzgerald LB
This Juco signee is already on campus and drawing praises. He stands 6'4" 227lbs and has sub 4.5 speed. That type of speed is just not found for linebackers. He is the definition of being able to play sideline to sideline because of his quickness. In pass rushing and long 3rd down situations, he could very well come off the edge and use his speed as well, be it that he adds 10-15lbs, and he's also played the hybrid safety spot where he can use his wheels in coverage too. A very versatile player who went somewhat under the radar and not with much fan fare when he committed back in December. Fully expect him to be in the 2 Deep at OLB or even see starting reps.

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