Looking For A Tackle

Of all the offensive line offers that have gone out, all have been for the interior. Earlier this week the staff targeted their first tackle in this Houston area big man. We have the latest in this update.

Ryan McCollum has battled a wide range of wide emotions this past week. He lost his grandmother, leaving him full of sorrow and missing her tremendously. To the feeling of joy and excitement as college programs have started to take notice and extend scholarship offers. It's been a roller coaster as he's reflected on all the good times of the past, to what might become in the future with opportunity.

Texas State is one of those programs, as shortly after his grandmother's passing, the staff reached out to Ryan.

"I believe it was Coach Brad Franchione, he gave me condolences after losing my grandmother. He hoped I was ok, and then offered me a scholarship," said McCollum. "He said he was at my spring practice, but it was a shocker because I didn't see him at the spring game. My coach told me to call him and it was like a roller coaster cause I went from sad to happy with an offer from Texas State."

Standing a legit 6'6" 270lbs, Ryan McCollum has the frame that college coaches are looking for as a bookend offensive tackle. Physically he has the stature to add 20-30 pounds of weight. It's common for most high school lineman to red shirt at the next level, allow them to bulk up and prepare physically for the rigors of division one college football.

Including TXST, Ryan is now up to three offers. Air Force and Northwestern of the BIG10 have also extended.

In speaking with McCollum, you can immediately tell he's a student of the game and as an O-lineman, wants to hone his technique to give him even more of an advantage.

"Going into this spring I was working on my punch and drive off the ball and getting movement. I fixed those but then I started to come off my blocks after 4 seconds. My O-line Coach coaches to be 6 second warriors, that's what I've tried improving on," said McCollum.

With the high school year coming to a close, Ryan will have a very busy summer and has plans of making it to numerous camps, some in state and some out of state: Oklahoma State, LSU, Louisiana Lafayette, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Nevada are just some on his radar.

For the moment he'll continue to do his thing and keep all of his options open. Potentially after the summer, or at some point, Ryan will sort through his legit offers and schools of interest, then get a list and go from there.

San Marcos is only three hours away from the Greater Houston area, and that could pay a big benefit to the 'Cats in getting McCollum to take in the campus.

"I am definitely going to consider to visit (Texas State). It's because of how close they are, it wouldn't be smart to not visit them," said McCollum.

The recruiting process can be long and that's not an issue to Ryan. He has no time-line for a decision and could potentially wait until National Signing Day to reveal his choice of college program.

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