Position Battle: Safeties

We’re rounding out our defensive position battles with a look at this year’s safeties.

Germod Williams transferring to Stephen F. Austin was an unexpected blow for the Bobcats defense. The departure of “Gizmo” was a tough loss, as his timely tackles and smooth plays on the ball will be hard to replace. It will be hard but not impossible, as the DBs might be the deepest position on the defense.

In Defensive Coordinator John Thompson’s 4-2-5 defensive system, three safeties are used: Wolf, Free Safety and Rover. Wolf and FS play further back in coverage, while the Rover is almost a S/LB hybrid, occasionally bringing a pass rush.

Probable Starters

Wolf: Dila Rosemond 5’10”, 175-lbs Sophomore
Free Safety: Aaron Shaw 5’10”, 196-lbs Senior
Rover: Demetrius Woodard 6’2”, 210-lbs Senior

Rosemond will have a much bigger role this season, taking on Williams’ snaps. He was named Outstanding Freshman of the Year for TXST last season after he appeared in 11 games and recorded 24 tackles. He doesn’t have a ton of experience but he has a ton of talent.

Shaw started seven games last year before losing his starting position. A year later, he now is one of the more experience safeties in the group and is expected to start, but he will have plenty of competition gunning for his spot.

At 6’2”, 210-lbs Woodard is a big safety, one that will fit in nicely in that Rover spot. He has four games as a starter under his belt so he has the size and experience to make an impact this season.

2-Deep and Contributors

Easy Anyama 6’3”, 220-lbs Sophomore
Stephan Johnson, 6’0, 190-lbs Sophomore
Damani Alexcee 6’2”, 192-lbs RS Junior
Camyron Brown 5’11”, 199-lbs RS Freshman
Tyler Blades 6’0, 197-lbs RS Senior
Dominique Williamson 6’2”, 213-lbs Sophomore

It’s too early to tell exactly which position at safety these guys will play until they start practice this week but this will be the group contending for the backup spots. Anyama will be an interesting player to watch develop.

He transferred from UT where he ran track and field. He has been on campus since October so he has had a lot of time to get accommodated. His track background is enough evidence to tell he has the speed and he has more than enough size at 6’3”, 220-lbs.

Alexcee didn’t have a very effective spring and has somewhat fallen out of favor. He will have to step up his game this fall if he wants to beat underclassmen Johnson and Brown.

Both Blades and Williamson had decent spring camps and are already used on special teams. Expect both to contribute but not to start.

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