Fall Camp: Day 2

Even though they weren't in full pads, there was still plenty of action at the Bobcats' second fall camp session. Lead Reporter Keff Ciardello was on hand to give us the scoop.

Once again, the defense seemed to have the better practice tonight. The DB’s had another strong outing, with Damani Alexcee leading the way at Rover. He brings intensity, verbally and physically, that seems to fuel the other players. Along with Mims, he has been the best Texas State defender, but that is without pads so we’ll come back to that when they start hitting.

Not as many turnovers but plenty of broken up passes. Easy Anyama played exclusively with the first unit as the Wolf, with Woodard splitting reps on the second team with Camryon Brown. Dila Rosemond was in at Free Safety for the first team and Stephan Johnson at FS with the second.

Demun Mercer looked terrific again today. He is emerging as the Bobcats’ best receiver. Will be a great deep threat option, always seems to have a couple steps on whoever is on him. He ran with the first unit, along with C.J. Best in the slot and a combo of Brice Gunter, Brandon Smith and Jafus Gaines.

Gunter has looked the strongest of those three, making nice adjustments to get under the ball. He needs to sharpen the corners on his routes and sell some of his moves better. Gaines got open often but didn’t adjust to the ball very well, but that just seems like early camp rust. The coaches told me that Smith had a come-to-Jesus moment this summer and really started to buckle down, working out and training harder than he ever has to prepare for this season. We’ll see if it pays off.

A couple of young guys were out there making plays with the receivers, Kawmane Bowens and Justin Gambell. Bowens is one of the bigger receivers on the team, especially on the second unit. Bowens has impressive speed, good hands and cuts really well on his routes. Not too many looks but he made the most of the few he got. They moved both players in between slot and wide, but both players looked better out wide.

There seems to be a three-man rotation at the defensive tackle spot between Mershard Dillion, Dallas McClarty and Will Trevillion. All three played both tackle positions with the first and second units. Darius Hood played the other second team tackle.

Rusmin Nikocevic on the left and Jeff Banks on the right were the first team defensive ends. Roosevelt Pearson, Cedric Gambrell and Tim Gay ran with the second team. Gay played primarily on the right side and sometimes would stand up as bandit-type linebacker. He seemed to be playing with a lot of passion and fire, barking orders at his teammates on defense and going almost too hard against the OL, for not having pads. Gambrell switched in at tackle from time to time but played primarily end.

Trey McGowan, Stephen Smith and Teron Fitzgerald rotated between the Mike and Stinger positions. The usual first unit was McGowan at Mike and Fitzgerald at Stinger, but Smith got in just as many reps in both spots.

Lawerence White and Ryan Carden split time with the first unit. So far, White has looked to be the better option. Chris French again ran with the second team.

Rob Lowe and Chris Nutall saw equal carries today. Tim Gay worked out on both sides of the ball and even saw a few carries. Stedman Mayberry got in there along with Louis Rubin and walk-on A.J. Krawczyk. They all seemed to run great with the threat of being tackled erased.

Jackson Hoskins got all the reps at center with the first team, with Giuliano Cattaneo on the second team. The OL looks scary. Can’t wait for pads.

No change with the corners. Clarence Guidry at LCB and Andrew Aneke at RCB were the CB’s for the second unit.

Lumi Kaba and James Sherman are going back and forth at kicker and punter. Haven’t seen much of either kicking so I couldn’t tell you much on that competition.

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