Coach Fran Talks (8.14.15)

After a practice in where the defense got the better part of the offense, Head Coach Dennis Franchione spoke with reporters and took questions that were centered around his defensive unit.

(Head Coach Dennis Franchione)

On the defense making some plays and getting turnovers
They did, that's good. We've put a lot of emphasis on the defense. I think really our quarterbacks forced about five or six balls tonight and they made them pay for it, which is good.

Talking about Javante O'Roy's performance, getting 2 picks
He came in as a JC guy, went through spring ball and really I think since day one, he's been a pretty steady performer and you can tell he's playing with more confidence on a daily basis. He's reading eyes better, you know a lot of junior college corners come in and it's a process for them to get to where Javante is already. That's good and he's in the competition for that spot across from Mims.Where he is right now, today remains to be seen yet, we haven't worried too much about a depth chart, but he made some nice plays tonight.

Demun Mercer's nice grab over the middle and his progression through camp
Our receivers and especially Demun are having a good camp as C.J.'s been out a couple of days with soreness. Demun has had a good camp, his only problem is he misses an assignment or two, misses a signal or two and he's got to correct those things. Last year it was more than one or two so he's come a long way. He's making big time plays, he's catching the ball better. He's worked on his hands and become a pretty good hands guy. He's got the size, the body frame, the speed, and athleticism to be really good. I hope and think that it could be a little bit of a breakout year for him.

How the defense looks the last couple of days during camp
I've seen them take some steps the last couple of practices, we're still moving some people around. We moved Landon Beck in to defensive tackle today and he made a big difference. So we're still kind of making sure we got people in the right places, but we're getting there. Tim Gay is doing some nice things, I like our speed and quickness with which our defense is playing, we're aggressive, and we want to be aggressive, but we don't want to give up the big plays. That's been the mantra that sometimes when you're trying to make a big play you make it for the wrong team and the band starts playing. We don't want the wrong band to start playing.

Talk about Rusmin Nikocevic playing with the 1st team D-line
Russ is a great leader and he's a steady day in, day out football player. You can count on Russ and what you're going to get. He's probably not the most talented guy out here but his blood is maroon, he's going to give everything for his team. From a coaches standpoint, you know when he's on the field that you're going to get good steady performance, he's going to be in the gap that he's supposed to be on, he's going to contain when he's supposed too, and he's going to do the things that make your defense cohesive and compliment the other 10 guys on the defensive unit by the way he does things. That's what's got him to where he is, he just needs to keep doing those things and he'll make an impact for us this year.

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