DC John Thompson

Just over a week into Fall Camp, we caught up with Texas State's Defensive Coordinator to talk about his group and how the defense looks so far after Friday's practice.

(Defensive Coordinator John Thompson)

Talk about the aggressiveness of your unit in making plays tonight
I tell you what, tonight was a grind. The practice was a little shorter, just shells, helmets and shorts, but the guys really pushed through it. We made some plays, but we're throwing a whole lot at them on both sides. Offense made a bunch of plays too, we can't get creased like we did, we're trying not to tackle them to the ground, but there were sometimes we weren't in very good position. We just gotta keep grinding.

At the end of practice you were working on some 3-3-5 and 3-2-6 defensive sets. Talk about those formations
We're just mixing in some packages, the end was the pass stuff. You know, it's 11. You can put them in a lot of different spots and it's still 11. Don't like 10, don't like 12, we get 11, but sometimes it might be 10-1 or 1-10.

On Damani Alexcee's pick and the play of the Safeties
Damani made a nice pick. Really nice pick, breaking on the ball at the high point. Easy Anyama is a big physical thing and Damani has a lot of range, a lot of height. He went up and got the ball there. Last year Stephan (Johnson) played every position as a true freshman so he's a little more seasoned than your normal true sophomore. We got some other guys, Dila (Rosemond) went in and made some good plays. There's a good battle between he and Stephan. Donta Clanton is doing some things, he's playing rover. Demetrius Woodard so far is having a really good camp. He's kind of letting the game come to him. We got more size and we got a good looking bunch back there. They just play and are physical.

Talk about your linebacking corp, you have some athletes, but looks like Trey is the rock out there
We got Teron (Fitzgerald), Stephen Smith, and Ish Davis too. Your exactly right about Trey (McGowan), he's not the biggest, not the fastest, but you can't get Trey off the field. He's got a lot of intangibles to him, our guys look to him, he knows what's going on, he gets us in the right set. We got some athletes that are getting around him. Stephen too, he's had a real good camp as well.

What are goals and expectations as you get ready for Florida State
We've got all the installation in, we're trying to get ready for the whole season. Next week it will be to polish all that up, to go back and see what we're good at. We threw a lot at them and hopefully there will be some retention. Next week it will go back to really honing in on who are going to be our guys, and what we can do well, you know instead of putting in a square peg in a round hole. Let's find out what are guys can do, who are the best guys, what they can do best, and then we'll move on to Florida State. It's still all us right now.

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