Practice Report (8.18.15)

With fall camp already in it's last week, our staff was on hand for both practices Tuesday. BI Intern took in the evening practice and gives us the latest on how the Bobcats are looking.

At the beginning of Tuesday evening's practice, the coaches had receivers doing red zone work and one-on-one drills against the defensive backs. Jafus Gaines, Kwamane Bowens, and Lawrence White stood out the most among the receiving core. Bowens looked very strong, showing a consistent ability to separate from defensive backs, strong hands, and the knack for going to the highest point to catch the football. Gaines had the most crisp routes and caught everything thrown his way. White looks really good at his new weight; he seems to run routes with much more ease and has a little more shake to get around defenders. When throwing to White in the end zone, getting the ball up more to let him take advantage of his 6'7'' frame versus smaller defensive backs could be a tremendous tool for the offense.

(11 on 11)

When the team moved to offense vs defense, Gaines, Brandon Smith, and Ryan Garrey were running with the first team, while Bowens and Brice Gunter ran with the second team. There were several times that White would split out wide. The alignment brings a serious mismatch with White as the middle receiver in a trips set.

The coaches had the offense run several screen plays, to both backs and receivers, but the blocking did not seem to get out in front quick enough to set up an effective screen play.

There was plenty of work on situational drills: 11 on 11 red zone, from the 50 yard line (working on deep patterns), and the hurry up field goal. In the red zone, Tyler Jones and White seemed to have very good chemistry. Jones did really well at getting through his progression quickly to find the open guy or scramble towards the end zone if nobody was open. Running deep patterns (15-20+ yards) from the 50 yard line is a work in progress. There doesn't seem to be as much confidence throughout the offense in running deeper routes as there has been in running plays 20 yards and in.

(The breakdown of plays from the 50 yard line)
- 2 dump offs to running backs
- 5 yard hitch
- dropped pass by a receiver
- 5 yard out route
- throw in to triple coverage, tipped by a DB
- Mims pick on an out route to Brandon Smith
- 5 yard out to Ryan Carden
- 8 yard in to Brice Gunter

To end the practice, coach Franchione called for 40 seconds to be left on the game clock to get a field goal situation. Jones began the drive with an excellent 30 yard pass down the right sideline to Gunter. After this, he hit Garrey on a seven yard out, then ran Gaines from left to right on an end around play for about six yards. Jones then ran the ball into the middle for the field goal. In the hurry up situation, the offense looked a lot more comfortable than in the previously mentioned set plays from the 50 yard line.

Texas State has 4 more practices left before breaking camp on Friday night, August 21st.

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