SBC Conference Call

Five days and counting, the 2015 Texas State football season will be underway. Head Coach Dennis Franchione spoke Monday morning about his team and the huge challenge they have in traveling to face the 10th ranked Seminoles.

During the course of the football season, the Sun Belt Conference has a weekly conference call catching up with each Head Coach in the conference. Head Coach Dennis Franchione had some opening thoughts and are staff had some Q&A for Coach Fran.

(Opening Statement)

Certainly have a tough challeng in our first game playing a team that was in the Final 4 last year. Guys are lookig forward to it and you get to the point where it's about time to play a game and I think we're almost there.

What do you think is the strongest part of the offense going against an athletic FSU Defense?

Probably, I think balance. We have a veteran quarterback and we'll probably be able....I think we were close to 50/50 last year run to pass, I think we can still compliment that this this year too.

With losing NFL talent like Craig Mager and David Mayo, who has stepped up this fall and what has stood out to you so far about your defense?

I think Tim Gay, David Mims, Rusmin Nikocevic, those guys have certainly stepped up, Damani Alexcee, those are probably the leaders on the defense side of the ball right now. Trey McGowan certainly fits into that category. I'm hopefull that the collective group can offset the loss of Craig and David, it's not easy to put people in their place. The fact that we are in our second year of the defense, Coach Thompson's understanding of his personnel, the coaches and players understanding the scheme and hopefully that helps us play better. We've gotten some unproven guys that are going to have to come through but we're optomisitic about how they'll do.

What must Texas State do in this game, not only to be competitive, but to have a chance to win?

We're going to have to play very well. Minimize our mistakes, take care of the football, cash in on our opportunities when we can get some. You know we're going to have to try and force or hope that they're going to make some mistakes, and maybe get some takeaways. First games are always unique experiences, you're learning about your team and you're learning about the opponents team, you watch tape from last year, but there's different faces and names in there. Adjustments during the first game are always a little bit more key than any other time during the year.

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