TXST Media Luncheon

Head Coach Dennis Franchione and cornerback David Mims speak about the upcoming match-up with Florida State and their approach to the biggest game in Bobcat football history.

At the end of his press conference today, Coach Franchione pulled a poker chip out of his pocket. He gave one of these chips to all of his players and stated that he wanted these guys to always carry a chip on their shoulder after getting a lack of respect across the national college football landscape last season. Listening to both Coach Franchione and cornerback David Mims, the number one thing this team wants to earn (obviously a win) from the upcoming game against Florida State is respect. After the game, Coach Franchione wants people watching the game, both regular television viewers and those involved in college football, to sit back and say, “Hmmm…Texas State can play.”

Mims was the only player to take the podium this afternoon. He explained that the team is ready for the challenge and the exciting environment that they will be playing in this weekend. In terms of newly announced starting quarterback Everett Golson, Mims said that the team hasn’t watched much film on him yet, but know he’s an athletic guy, can run around and has led Notre Dame to several big games. Though the Seminoles lost leading receiver Rashad Greene, Mims believes that the team does have several athletic receivers that can run well and should step up to take his place.

This is the biggest game in Texas State football history, and as Fran said, this beast is different than most first games. The coaches have joked about freshman defensive tackle Landon Beck, who went from playing against 500 fans in his last high school game, to now playing in front of 80,000 fans in Tallahassee. The team knows who they are playing on Saturday, and Coach Franchione didn’t sugar coat it. Florida State is littered with four and five star recruits, and everyone knows that. They are ready to find out about their roster, and to see how far this team has come in fall camp. They don’t want the players to get too caught up in who they are playing, but worry more about the process and what they can control.

Coach Franchione stated that this is a players’ game. These guys want to see how they match up and want to prove that they belong on the national stage. They want to earn national respect. The Bobcats are going into this game, as they will every game, with the mindset that they can win. They want to play with passion and enthusiasm. Their motto for this season is “Leave No Doubt,” and that is what they plan to do.

When asked about how he personally approaches the mental aspect of big games like this, Coach Franchione said that the last 48 hours up until game time is key. The coaching staff will emphasize the process the players have gone through in the off-season, make sure they are thinking about the next play and to give their best effort. That’s all they can ask for.

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