Our staff takes timeout to answer questions from BobcatNation and Texas State fans

It's the midway point of heading into Week 3 action. We take a timeout and our lead reporter Keff Ciardello sits down and answers your questions in this week's "Weekly BI Mailbag."

First off, thanks to all the followers and Texas State fans who sent us in their questions for this weeks mailbag. We wouldn't be able to do this piece without yal's help.

So here we go:

1. Canaquestidaman: RBs rankings for the first two games were  #1 Lowe, #2 Nutall, #3, Mayberry, #4 Zinski. After two games it looked to me that Nutall is better than Lowe and Zinski is better than too small Mayberry.

I realize that these are the hardest two games to evaluate talent, but what do you guys think?


I had a feeling Rob Lowe would bounce back against PVAMU, looked like his old self against them. He is definitely the starter.


Nutall keeps trying to bounce runs to the outside when he should just go north to south. He is fast but his best game is played between the numbers, plowing through defenders instead of trying to out run them. It’s understandable why he’s doing too much now after being gone for a year but he needs to settle down.


I felt Mayberry had some decent plays in garbage time against PVAMU and FSU. However, I couldn’t help but notice during the game how much bigger Zinski is than Mayberry. I would say Mayberry is still in front but Zinski shouldn’t be an after thought.


2. Agzz: BI... what did you feel we improved on offensively and defensively?

what did you see that concerns you offensively and defensively?


Going into the Southern Miss game (a jump up in competition but more in our talent/skill area), what should we expect from TXST?


Offensive improvement: the deep ball. Jones completed 6-9 of his passes that were over ten yards and all six of those completions went for over 20 yards. Not bad compared to 3-5 against FSU.

Offensive concern: receivers. They had a much better outing last Saturday but the receivers still concern me. A lot of possession guys, nobody that can really peel back the defense.


Defensive improvement: coverage.  They weren’t great in this area but they did improve. David Mims had a great day and the safeties quietly made some noise.  Easy Anyama and Dila Rosemond each had five tackles, while Anyama and Damani Alexcee both notched a TFL.


Defensive concern: tackling. Man oh man, has there been some sloppy tackling from the Bobcats.  They keep trying to tackle with their body when they need to wrap up. There is a bad case of T-Rex Arms going around San Marcos right now. Correctable but still a concern.


Admittedly, it’s hard for me to tell you what to expect from TXST after their two completely different performances this year. First game: got stomped, didn’t throw it deep, very few penalties. Second game: did the stomping, threw it deep, ton of penalties. I don’t have a good read on this team’s identity as of yet but I expect it to be a close game against Southern Miss.


3. Canaquestidaman: Review the LBs now that two are returning this week. Overall speed appears to be lacking.  I have really been disappointed with Gay's play. He looks completely lost.


Agreed, linebackers have struggled. I can imagine it’s tough on Tim Gay with the position switch but I really expected more out of Trey McGowan. It might be a lack of speed as you mention but what is even more concerning to me is they just aren’t making the proper reads. That unit is out of position way too much. I keep seeing Bobcat linebackers chasing running backs instead of stopping them. Granted, Teron Fitzgerald, just like Gay, is in a new postion (played safety in JUCO and HS) and Bo Anderson is a true freshman. Stephen Smith and Jerrid Jeter-Gilmon are coming back this week so that should help. Smith looked decent against FSU and I’ve always been really high on Jeter-Gilmon.  Side note: Smith had a club-like cast on his wrist that covers up his whole hand and fully practiced yesterday.


4.  Disney28: What, if anything, has been the biggest surprise of the season so far?


The defensive drop off from last year. I’m guilty of revving up the hype machine this fall camp on the defense; I thought they would be much better. It’s hard to lose all those guys and recover, at least right off the bat. Still ten games left in the season so here’s hoping they find a way to turn it around.


5. Swtsu25: Haven't seen Cedric Gambrell on the field much. Any reason he isnt playing?


He’s been running primarily with the third unit DT’s. I doubt he’ll make many appearances this year because he still seems to be learning DT after switching from DE. He did get a few snaps last Saturday. He’s talented and huge so I look forward to seeing him progress.

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