Coach Franchione and the Bobcats look to get back on track against NMSU

The Bobcats have had a tough first half of the season, but with three straight home games the team looks to bounce back and get some positive momentum. The 'Cats celebrate "Homecoming" this Saturday and look for a win against New Mexico State.

At Tuesday's media luncheon, Head Coach Dennis Franchione began the press conference by recapping the victory this past weekend for New Mexico State, saying that the Aggies came back to win after a 30-7 deficit. He also believes that after looking through their schedule that the team could probably be 4-4. Though New Mexico State is a young football team, they did play Texas State tough last year. Running back Larry Rose played well against the Bobcats, and this season he already has over 1,000 yards. Coach Franchione said he’s the kind of back that will have several carries of three to four yards, then will bust a big run after working down the defense. Offensively, he believes that the Aggies have good balance on offense. On the defensive side of the ball, Franchione explained that they have been giving up some yards so the offense needs to execute better, have more effective blocking in the run game and have better overall rhythm on offense.

The team was happy to get back to a normal week, and specifically to have a home game. For the struggles the team has endured, this is the best time for a three game home stand. When asked about the time change (game being at 3 instead of 7), Franchione didn’t believe this would have much effect on the players because typically they like to get up, have their pre-game meal, and then are ready to play. With a game at 7 p.m., they have some time to sit around.

When he got to speaking more about the X’s and O’s, Franchione explained that the defense is going to need another solid performance similar to the South Alabama game. New Mexico State does a good job on their run-pass option plays, and bubble screens if the defense over loads the box. They’ll have to be disciplined and wrap up on their tackles better than they did against Georgia Southern.

One of the media members asked about Tyler Jones, and Coach Fran said that the supporting cast needs to play better; need better blocking and better overall execution.

“Getting [Jones] back on course is not just a fact of him, it’s a fact of everybody. His problem there for a week or two was that he wanted to do too much. You know, I’ve often said you’re a lot better quarterback if you can go back and hand it to that tailback and have 2nd and 4, rather than 2nd and 9…[we] need the whole unit to execute better.”

He expressed that Jones was a lot like him (Coach Fran), and that he gets too much credit and too much of the blame.

In terms of injuries, he said that Aaron Shaw will be back out there after having a bruised hip, and that Jerrid Jeter-Gilmon and Stephen Smith will be back after having concussions last week.

Coach Franchione said that he “talked to the guys Sunday about the rest of the season, and that talk took about 30 seconds. The focus is on New Mexico State…no matter what we have left, we have to play this game and then get ready for the next one. They know we have games at home…we have to take care of one before we take care of two.”

At the end of the press conference, a media member brought up several job openings around college football and asked Franchione is he would be interested. To laughter on Fran’s face he said, “this is my last job.”

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