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Show Me Your Mug

Zenraider got creative and sent in this make-shift Texas Tech mug to be featured on Morning Raider and your Tech mug can be on here too! Just send in a pic with your screen name to and I'll feature it on the site.

The Social Network

Everyone around Texas Tech is familiar with Mike Leach's policy last year to ban Twitter and Facebook use by his players. Since Tommy Tuberville took over in January, the ban has been lifted and I would argue that coach Tuberville and other assistants are using it more than most of their players right now. You can follow coach Tuberville on Twitter ( and on Facebook (The Official Tommy Tuberville Fan Page).

Miami took a step in the other direction on Wednesday when head coach Randy Shannon banned the use of Twitter by his players. The ironic part, the Miami SID office used their Twitter account ( to announce the banning of it.

Players are still allowed to use Facebook "until it becomes a problem."

It's a social networking tool that can be good for business and keeping in touch with fans but I guess it's not for everyone. Yes I have on (

Tech took it even further with the creation of its new website,

The site has features fans will love to use throughout the season. Get a one-on-one video with coach Tuberville, see some of the best highlights from past seasons and get to know the coaches and players. You can even find out more about Tech and Tuberville alums in the NFL. Check it out today.

Mitchem Back

Texas Tech safety Franklin Mitchem is back at practice and getting stronger each day after injuring his knee in the first quarter of the game against New Mexico on Saturday. Mitchem sat out the rest of the game for precautionary reasons but has been practicing more this week to prepare for Tech's game against No. 6 Texas (7 p.m. Saturday, ABC).

Chris Olson and other are also doing well since suffering from a heavy stomach bug while Tech was in New Mexico. Tuberville said, "It looks like we'll be at full strength" for the UT game on Saturday. Wide receiver Alex Torres, who was in for about 14 snaps in the win against New Mexico, should be full speed on Saturday as well, Tuberville said.

"He's still a little sore but he's ready to go," Tuberville said. "He's practiced every snap since Sunday and hasn't missed any reps. Barring anything happening between now and then, he's done good."

See the RPTV: Wednesday Practice Report

Raiderville Opens

It's not the same scene as 2008 because of the new East Side renovations to The Jones, but Tech students are out and about at Raiderville, the tent city just south of The Jones. The town within the Tech campus is at 1,700+ now and were heard doing "RAIDER POWER" the past two nights as late as 2 a.m. I'll be out there tonight to see just what the students are up to and doing to get pumped up for Saturday.

The Tech coaches and players have been just as curious and stopped by on Wednesday afternoon to show their appreciation for the students. Basketball coaches Pat Knight and Kristy Curry, along with track coach Wes Kittley, maen's golf coach Greg Sands and men's tennis coach Tim Siegel, delivered pizza and candy on Wednesday before Tuberville and the football players stopped by after practice to eat some barbecue and hand out more food to the group. SEE THE VIDEO

"For what they do, just to sit up in the stands and cheer these guys on, (the players) need to get over there and thank them for what they're doing," Tubeville said. "It's a pretty unique to college. Not just for the players and coaches, but the trainers and managers too. We're all going over there just to spend a few minutes and thank them for the sacrifice that they're doing. I'm anxious to see that first group storm the gate on Saturday night."

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