RP.com Commentary: The Silent Treatment?

The Texas Tech Student Government Association says they want Tech students to give Texas "The Silent Treatment" on Saturday to show better sportsmanship. Be courteous, but be loud Tech fans.

LUBBOCK — Here we are once again, finding Texas Tech in the middle of media discussions on the radio, TV and online because of something done off the football field the week of a big game.

So, finally, I feel the need to get this off my chest and out of the way so we can get back to football.

There's been plenty of discussion for the last two weeks about Tech students needing to clean up their act at football games and specifically with a certain part in the Fight Song. Tech chancellor Kent Hance expressed his opinion on the matter prior to last week's game against New Mexico after hearing the chants and fight song using "obscene and offensive language."

Tech students were also heard chanting "RAIDER POWER" during the SMU school song and booing it, making Hance and Tech athletic director Gerald Myers feel disappointed and needed to have a meeting with the student leaders on Sept. 9.

"We don't really gain anything on the field by butchering out fight song," Myers told The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. "That doesn't help the boys one lick."

I agree on this part.

Quit butchering the fight song. Saying the wrong words to your own fight song is not funny or any better, but just makes Tech look like it can't even get the words right so students make up their own and throw in an obscenity to make it sound more intense and stir up emotions.

So let's call it quits and sing the fight song like it should be sung.

I liked bringing every emotion into that stadium and making sure that every man, woman and child knew who I was cheering for when I was a student, but it needs to be done in the right way.

I'm not saying you can't be rowdy Tech fans, just stop desecrating the school's fight song. There's just nothing to be proud of when it comes to that.

Which brings me to what this all led up to on Thursday.

Remember that meeting I mentioned earlier with the school's student leaders, Hance and Myers? Here's what the Tech Student Government Association came up with after their own meeting last weekend, which was announced Thursday afternoon.

Fellow Red Raiders,

The Student Government Association would like to share a new and exciting tradition to support our school spirit and sportsmanship at football games.  We are calling it "The Silent Treatment!"

The Silent Treatment is something SGA feels will be a new, intimidating way to get students excited for the game this weekend.

As the opposing team runs onto the field and the visiting band plays their fight song, everyone in our stands will go silent.  As we all go silent, everyone in the stands will turn to face our Double-T scoreboard and put our guns up.  Not only is this intimidating, but it will also catch the opposing team completely off-guard. Once our players run out, we want our fans to go crazy with school spirit.

We believe this could be extremely effective if everyone participates, but we need students to help us promote this new tradition. Only with your help can this become a reality.

Lets make it happen Texas Tech!


Are they serious? Be quiet to intimidate the other team when they enter the stadium? This is just not going to go over well with 30,000 students and even more alums and fans that have been working hard for the last umpteen years to make this one of the hardest places in the country to play. It's called "home field advantage" for a reason people.

I'm all for being quiet and showing respect during the other school's songs. It's The Golden Rule — you would want them to shut it during Tech's song.

And I believe head coach Tommy Tuberville agrees with me on this point and the next.

Make it the loudest and most obnoxious place when the other team takes the field. That's the beauty of sports. Cheer, boo — do what you want, but do it the right way.

By the way SGA — by making this little announcement that has caught on across the country — it's not a surprise anymore!

And no, the athletic department was never consulted on this matter, according to Tech athletics communications assistant athletic director Blayne Beal.

A little advice — don't go and make up rules to someone else's house before you get there and ask permission to do so.

But here is the most disappointing part, in my mind.

The SGA's recent proposal — though I'm sure it had nothing but good intentions — has caused a division in the student body when it needed it the least. That's the part that gets me irritated the most. Why do this now? Why do it when Tech coaches and players need the student body and fans together as one more than ever this season with the entire college football world watching The Jones on Saturday night.

I say do what you want Tech fans.

Be loud, be quiet, be courteous — just be a Red Raider.

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