Texas Tech-OSU Quick Hits

Texas Tech lost its first home game to Oklahoma State in 66 years, and left a lot of fans wondering what kind of team is this?


LUBBOCK — Texas Tech is clearly missing something right now.

The frustrating thing is that the coaches and players don't have the answer.  The Red Raiders have suffered through slow starts and mental mistakes for the last few weeks. Here's what Tuberville had to say:  "That is about the 4th week that we hadn't started. I told our team we've got a lot to work on. But the main thing we have to work on is coming out and playing the first seven or eight minutes."

Not to harp on the subject, but even the players seem to be at a loss for the team's performance through the first half of the season: Senior Bront Bird said: "We didn't play to win today, and that's the bottom line." 

The Red Raiders are generally pleased with the effort and enthusiasm of the team. And, the coaching staff will never say this, but you've got to wonder if injuries are starting to have an effect on the team's performance. Scott Smith, Kerry Hyder, Alex Torres, Austin Zouzalik, Franklin Mitchem, Will Ford, and LaRon Moore have all missed game time at some point this season. Tuberville: "We're in bad shape. It's a tough situation we're in but that's the hand we're dealt. So, we've got to keep playing. Young guys have got to step up."

What to expect?

At 3-3 for the first time since 2001, Texas Tech faces the unenviable task of starting the meat of the conference schedule with questions surrounding its ability, and mounting injuries. But, even in losses, Texas Tech has refused to quit. That is a credit to the coaching staff and the senior leaders. The bottom line is that you can only accurately gauge a season when it is over. But, there are a few things that the coaching staff has already identified. Here's what Tuberville said:

"We're not a running team. We can't line up and make first downs running the ball. So, we've got to be able to execute on offense by throwing the ball down the field. We've looked at everything, every scenario. We practiced differently this week. We're going to keep trying things because we could be a much better team.

Next up for Texas Tech

The Red Raiders face Colorado in Boulder next week. Traditionally, Texas Tech has not played well at Folsom Field, but this team is 3-3 and not too excited about where they stand. Game time is to be determined, but don't expect Texas Tech to take the Buffaloes lightly.

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