Tech QB Potts: More Than A Win

Texas Tech quarterback Taylor Potts, not wanting to answer questions about the QB controversy or game, gave a heartfelt statement about why Wounded Warrior Week wound up meaning so much more to him and the rest of the team after the 24-17 win over No. 12 Missouri.

LUBBOCK — Texas Tech quarterback Taylor Potts has no reason to be looking over his shoulder anytime soon.

The senior signal-caller did everything right in his first relief effort of the year after spending the majority of the 2010 season as a starter.

Potts hit nearly every target on his way to leading Tech back from a 14-point deficit in the Red Raiders' 24-17 win, throwing for three touchdowns while Tech's defense came back to life and shut down No. 12 Missouri.

But the postgame interviews would not be anything involving why he thought the coaching staff chose backup Steven Sheffield over him to start the game or why the team finally responded like many had hoped they would sooner.

Instead, Potts simply sat down and gave a statement from the heart about why this week was so much more important than others. He talked about realizing again how little a game of football can be after talking with the wounded soldiers all week and hearing their experiences from combat and what it means to literally fight for your life every day.

Potts did not take a question after his statement but simply hopes that this is the point in which the fans, students and community get completely behind the Red Raiders as they try to battle back through this season and make their 11th consecutive bowl game.

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