Inside the Lane With Andy Ellis

Former Texas Tech player and current color analyst Andy Ellis weighs in on the Red Raiders latest game and what's next.

LUBBOCK — Wins are hard to come by, but especially on the road in the Big 12.  The Red Raiders went down to Waco on Saturday and were able to come away with a really nice win.  The team played very well and executed a good game plan to secure their fourth conference win. 

The Raiders have been playing much better as of late against some of the top teams in the league.  They have gotten into a good rotation of players that are playing hard and helping each other on both ends of the floor.  The defensive end of the floor has been much better and is giving the team a chance to win games.  The guys are really battling hard on just about every possession as well as rebounding much better than earlier this year. 

 I really like the way that the offense if working as well.  The last three-and-a-half games, Tech has found a nice little rhythm to the offense.  It has been refreshing to see the team working with each other and passing up some good shots for much better ones.  That unselfishness has helped to the increase in shooting percentages as well. 

I am really impressed with the play of the 4 seniors that have stepped up in the last several games.   David Tairu and Brad Reese have played really well and have stepped up as the players that they should be.  These two guys give it everything that they have on each night.  They both have been scoring the ball well recently, as well as defending the best guards on the other teams.  John Roberson has also been playing much better lately.  He still has some moments of not taking care of the ball, but overall he has played much better.  He is shooting the ball really well and running the team much better.  D'walyn Roberts has also been playing like the guy we saw last year.  He is doing all of the little things that this team needs.  He has been a huge help on the defensive end of the floor for everyone. 

As well as the older guys have been playing, there are some young guys that have been making large contributions to the improvement of the team.  Bean and Jaye have really been playing well.  They both have gotten more of an opportunity to play extended minutes and I think it has helped them and the team immensely.  It is exciting to see these young guys play and get the experience.  They both still make many young mistakes but it is a great time to get those things out of the way.

As a big man myself I have to say that I have also been happy to see Big Lew playing better.  He has been a pretty good piece in the middle this year.  He plays hard every night and is developing more each game with his offensive moves.  He still has a ways to go but we can all only hope that he continues to improve this season.

The Raiders have 4 more conference games left and if they can continue to play hard and smart, they will have a chance to win several of these games.  I know that we all would have liked to see this type of playing earlier in the year, but I am glad that these guys playing now are looking much better.  I hope that they can win some more games this year and finish up the year strong, building for next season.

I hope that everyone can get out and support our Red Raiders on Wednesday against the Colorado Buffalos.  Let's give the guys a good home court advantage for their last couple of games here in Lubbock.  If you can't make it out to the game, then make sure to listen in on Double T 104.3.

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